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What are your thoughts on Grezzo 2?

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I know it's basically the ultimate embodiment of edgyness and Italian shitposting, but I find it kind of charming in a really fucked up way, to be honest.  It's just so unrealistically offensive to the point where no one can take this trash seriously.  It actually becomes almost goofy, despite the extreme violence and content.

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It's a fun mod, there's a lot of funny and exaggerated parts but Jesus in some parts it could run slow even on f**kin skynet if it could exist.


Also is pretty much stolen material: the doom 2 total conversion.

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While i know some people don't like it because the way he credit people(Basicly he stole a lot of stuff)

I think it has some funny stuff because this mod had 1 thing in mind which was Italian shitposting or as a Professional (Not offcially professional) would say:

Dick jokes. which most italians of from 15(or even less) or 30 would laugh Incontrollaby at it, plus it would have References from older italian tv shows that the ones over the 30 would be surprised to see.

It has no edgyness in the wad Its just an italian dude just grabbed a lots of custom stuff and doom 2, he then combined them all and shitted on it, and then he had to Make this shit have a road and adds some old italian memes while it makes sure it runs on zandronum and there it is.


But i think its fun on its own if you take everything Satirically and not seriously

i guess.


also bonus lore of it: On December 25 2012 the creator decided to create The release day event, i don't remember where it was established but for sure it was a Poopy place but that didn't stop many people from getting the game or playing it, heck somebody recorded the event in youtube, while i the link is down here i guess but its all in italian




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