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Tricky maps with low enemy count and weak monsters only?

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I recently rediscovered The Blessed Hex. In 2011 I wrote: "It has only 43 weak monsters (zombies, imps, demons, lost souls) on UV, but manages to be very challenging". Anything similar you can recommend? Preferably without cheap lock-in traps and stuff like that.

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Mmmm I just played it, pretty hard, the challenge comes from mandatory pain sectors + very low ammo. I wondered what these four rockets were for?


Hard to find anything

TNT MAP09 has weak monsters but high enemy count

1monster MAP03 the same

Fracture MAP03 has 105 monsters and weak monsters except 3 hell knights... but these hell knights are the most difficult part :) You may try other 4 maps, I don't remember them well

Some early maps in iditarod should be close to meeting your requisites, but my memory fails which ones


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Thanks, I haven't heard of Fracture before and it's pretty interesting. If we ignore the hitscanner count (I wonder if Adam Foster loved Wolfenstein 3D and was disappointed by Doom being so projectile-based), to me it almost looks like something valkiriforce could make today. Map01 has a really cute switch behind the red door that doesn't do anything useful and just prevents you from retreating, making fun of people who rush to press everything. I'll have to copy that in some form... On Map03 the hell knight fight seemed really scary but then I realized that you can avoid activating the trigger that locks you inside. The fact that you didn't resort to such cowardly tactics in your demo made it extra cool.


edit: haha, in the readme file: "May Not Run With...     : Scissors"

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