The /newstuff Chronicles #532

On 3/8/2017 at 5:59 PM, The Ultimate DooMer said:

Also the fact there's a lot more wads being made than there was back then, together with the extreme narrowing of scope and quality in DW's mapping/playing preferences over this decade...meaning that newstuff is now full of wads that are undesirable to most.


Tbh it's from a while (around when I was still writing reviews) that I started to mature the feeling that no one cares so much about the /newstuff Chronicles anymore. There's still some interest obviously but all the talking here seems to be only about the lack of reviews. Compare this to the older /newstuff Chronicles of the past years which they have many more comments and discussions. Regarding the more ambitious stuff they all have their stand-alone thread (with some exceptions of course) where most of the discussion happens there. It's only 2 years since I'm around here so I'm probabaly missing something to how the things were back then and how and when they started to change.

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Pardon the late reply / necropost, life's been so chaotic I forgot to keep checking the wad Reviews.


Thanks for your review of "Area 02 Temple Extraction" Csonicgo. 

It made it clear that I need to do a lot more work on leading / hinting the player since there's only one area that's actually inaccessible and just there for scenery.  Also, I really need to add clear indication when at the Exit Level switch to prevent the surprise exit.


It's cool to hear you enjoyed various Mancubi encounters for they're one of my favorite Doom Enemies although I felt I went heavy with the Cacodemons on this level.


I'll try it out in Lithium to know what you experienced.


Thanks again, keep up the rad work.

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True, it is wad related as well so it would be on topic so it makes sense to do that.

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The whole point of /newstuff being in news before was for visibility I’m assuming. Now news is buried. I always enjoyed seeing a new /newstuff but now I hardly remember it’s a thing. But I’m always checking out Wads and Mods, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so that move seems like a good one to me.

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