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The DWIronman League dies to: Unholy Realms

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8 hours ago, Aquasa said:

Made it to the last fight in 06.

Woah, this is a series of events right here. Everything from the ghost revenants to the hell knight niggling you out of position to the spiderdemon somehow not flinching with that last blast of the ssg. I'm guessing the blockmap may you have done you in there, but still... madness!

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Did my run. I'll post a few disclaimers before I manage to link it however (I need to borrow a PC for that - my replacement PC doesn't have internet access)  


1. The date is messed up - it shows as 2nd January 2002 on my side because there was a power outage and I didn't notice it reset the time. The zip should have the correct timestamp tho. 


2. I recorded the demo with PrBoom+ and I hope that doesnt desync. 


3. Did better on UV than I thought . 


So Alfonzo, can you answer me if 1 disqualifies my run? I sincerely didn't even notice it until I finished recording. 

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Disqualifying a run because of an .lmp's date reading 5,000 years in the past would be new levels of cruel. UR wasn't released anywhere near 2002. You're fine. Let's hope it doesn't desync! :)

Edited by Alfonzo : I am an attempt at clarity.

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Here we go.


I can't believe it. Dead on MAP12, and it was going so well, I think I could've gone up to MAP15...


Firstly, I never played the WAD before. I didn't watch any playthroughs or demos (except Dobu's stream - I wanted to see where he died when, just as I connected, he emerged on MAP06 and dealt with the opening trap. Fun fact - I was just about to start MAP06 too :D). I did a testrun on HMP but that didn't last very long as I died on the very beginning of MAP04, and I only read the map infos in urinfo.txt


Secondly, there's quite a delay between maps, most noticeably in the intermission from MAP11 to MAP12 where I literally jumped around the house and celebrated happily, so no, it doesn't desync. I hope.


Also disregard the timestamp - there was a power outage a bit before I recorded it and to be fair I didn't even notice it, so it shows as 2nd January 2002, which is funny since the idea of that WAD wasn't even materialized back then, probably. I've updated the text files after I fixed the date - I hope that doesn't disqualify my run.


Now that that's out of the way...


I hope I didn't mess up the complevel. This set was excellent and downright suited my style. Died on MAP12 because I thought Mancubi can't hit me while I'm battling Chaingunners in the open, but let's be fair, I cheated death in miliseconds on MAP10. Out of my personal jumps and scares, I'd pick these as my favourite (spoilers below:)


- MAP01: I had literally 30% health throughout the map, I didn't think I'd last long. It all started when I had almost no pistol ammo...
- MAP04: Those walls that lowered after I battled the twin Hell Knights near the end. I never expected any trap after that hard and irritating sequence of encounters so I was very scared of that. Luckily, it turned out to be good...
- MAP05: Various moments. Mostly the time I noticed that Pain Elemental which shocked me as I was certain nobody was alive anymore.
- MAP07: The urinfo text file says this map is Medium/Easy which I refuse to believe. Down to 30% health in the Mancubus room (so I had as much HP as bzzrak, cannonball and Crusader No Regret's average points tally).
- MAP08: I'd die to the Archviles had I not picked the Megaarmor. I tried to stay alive by not dodging their attack and it worked yey.
- MAP10: This is going to be a long one. First off, the yellow key trap was downright insane. I didn't even think, at one moment, I'd be out in one piece. I actually managed to, which gave me much more self-confidence than needed, so I didn't think the final trap of the map (hey that rhymes) would be hard. Boy, was I wrong. The end archvile should've killed me twice. The first time I managed to trigger the door in just the right time. Then I started shooting rockets in the wall and I shot a rocket at myself bringing me down to about 30% health before becoming ballsy and dropping down. I literally escaped a milisecond before the archvile finished its attack. I don't think I've ever, or will ever be, that lucky. That was scary.
- MAP11: I saw dobu said something about a cyberdemon duel so I was waiting throughout the map for the Cybie to come. That kinda made me more motivated than normal so I basically cheesed the map until the final few minutes. Then the Cybie fight was actually piss easy when you learn the movement pattern. Didn't accidentally press Space at least.

So yeah, I'd never have belived I'd reach MAP12 on a blind run if somebody said that to me six months ago, when I barely got to MAP03 of Legacy of Heroes. This league really did help me boost my skills and I appreciate it! (also I actually have a realistic chance for Top 10 again yey)




EDIT: Updated the all-time Ironman standings. WH-Wilou84 is still leading... the gap to second placed Demon of the Well is growing larger, but at the same time the gap to Bloodite Krypto is steadily shrinking. Can Wilou defend the first place until the end of the year? Also, there are only 5 people who've participated in every Ironman session so far (and will hopefully remain that loyal)! They are - WH-Wilou84, Anima Zero, Suitepee, Eris Falling and NoisyVelvet! The margin between Eris and Noisy all-time is down just to cca 3,000 points. This month it seems that Eris will once again extend his lead, but can Noisy get the better of Eris next month and overtake him in the standings?


Edited by DoomLover234 : update.

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18 hours ago, DoomLover234 said:

there's quite a delay between maps, most noticeably in the intermission from MAP11 to MAP12 where I literally jumped around the house and celebrated happily

Haha, that's the spirit! I'm so glad to read that you're getting something meaningful out of the ordeal. If it has the benefit of also improving your skills as a player (as the results seem to suggest!) then that's an added bonus. Nicely done.

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I stopped caring about the idea of giving out awards for "exceptional" deaths and performances in DWIronman demos some time ago, but if there's ever a good reason to give it a second thought, well... just take a look at this:


https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164496898 (death at 2:56:00)


Map17 (reached in): 2:12:58 Alfonzo

Map17 (reached in): 2:34:13 Dime

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19 is a rough map; haven't gotten past with no-saves yet.  I don't know how the rest of the mapset compares to this one yet too.


edit: damn, just finished with 2 bullets left and 4/6 secrets.  at least now i can continue with my casual playthrough :)

Edited by NoisyVelvet

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I died at the beginning of map 21, after almost 5 hours of battle...

What a stupid death, but then again I was exhausted and I suck at Tyson in general. :/
Along with maps 11 and 29, map 21 was definitely the scariest to me (I knew what to expect since I played UR and watched a lot of demos on it over the years).

In retrospect, with carryovers Map 11 was a lot easier than anticipated. But still, this wad's a toughie. :)

Excellent pick once again. Good luck to all our remaining Ironmen, UR's not a slaughter mapset but it's still very hard and full of nasty traps (the first episode is surprisingly harsh).
A survival from Krypto would be quite a feat, here. :)


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1 hour ago, WH-Wilou84 said:

A survival from Krypto would be quite a feat, here. :)


Thanks for the encouraging words mon ami :) I'm familar with Unholy Realms from playing the Zdaemon Thursday Night Survival session back in March and April of 2016, then I played it in SP before the end of last year, we'll see how reliable my photographic memory is from those two experiences. I was betting you'd make it to Episode 3 so great job :D

I took a peek at Alfonzo and Dime's deaths following all the commotion. An unfortunate oversight on behalf of Alfonzo with missing the green armor followed by the devious placement of the second Archvile. Dime's death was despicably cruel and undeserved, essentially being fucked over a rare instance of the game engine descending into the realms of lunacy. What's funny is the same scenario killed me in the pain rotation of TNS, where monster damage is doubled and fast monsters is enabled :D

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Tyson maps suck. I was on a good pace too...


I know this wad extremely well, which should be rather obvious for anyone watching this demo. In addition to a couple of casual playthroughs, I did more speedrun-style maxes and uv-speeds too when the wad was initially released. There's a trick shortcut in almost every map in the wad and I'm aware of most of these, but I didn't have the balls to go for any of the AV-jumps or death slide exits. So in the end the only notable shortcut that I end up using (and which ends up working) is in map17.


I seriously doubt Krypto (or Demon of the Well) is going to die this month either. UR is a tough wad but the maps are relatively short and all are perfectly doable with some foreknowledge. A great pick for a full megawad Ironman for sure.


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Died on MAP03. I knew about the trap near the end and STILL fell in! D: (Prboom+ -complevel 2)


Sorry, no video this time, due to the death of my recording/backup drive.  This was my firs time recording using Prboom+, so I apologize if the quality is lacking.




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Dead on map 6
"Hum, I have little to no cover, I should go for the exit while showing my ass to that spider."

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Well I died on map06, the first 5 maps were relatively easy, but man the first archvile plus the crushers resulted in reating an almost unwinnable position with several ghost monsters which made me flee to another area with naff all health. My death was then innevitable.

I guess, this wasn't an awful effort considering how low I usually end up.


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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/166473838 (blind run)


I died on map 6. I knew what was going to happen on the map (due to reading the map 06 death obituaries), I even knew the exact spot it was going to happen, yet I chose the wrong #*&!?;$ option for dealing with the spider! This is my most painful Ironman death thus far.


I can only hope for the Britbowl's sake that an_mutt has another early death, otherwise I'm staring down the barrel of a 5-3 deficit....

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demo lmp.zip


Spoilers: It's 20 minutes of me carefully advancing only to jump in the pit at the end of map 3, panicking and going from 100 to 0 hp in an instant.

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Nice to finally see BK in the land of us mortals. We still love you. :]


Meanwhile, at the bottom of the table...

Dead on MAP03. The ambush near the exit was whoa such an amazingly novel gameplay element, so skilful mapping. Never mind. :]


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