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Donating my work to freedm

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i was trying to publish my work in a very old project here in doomworld but it was very unsucessiful so i want donate it to freedmif you guys like it, i have no poblem in porting them to there, the thread is on:

so what you guys think? some maps here are really good for dm.

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It doesn't look bad, judging from the screenshots.

You are technically in charge of FreeDM, so if you think some of your previous stuff would make for good additions, then go right ahead. FreeDM could use an update anyway.

I suppose you'll merge those maps (modified ofc) with the maps in the rework thing?

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5 of these maps in xduel can be good dm maps for freedm others still need work to fit better anyway some of these maps are "limited" map and i dont know if it fits freedm standards like 2 textures and 2 flats. screenshot 4 for example. (anyway looks better than some maps in freedm...)

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8 hours ago, Decay said:

X duel lol were those maps even any good?

well i cant say the're the best maps in world but average of course. i think people is so much stick to duel40 and doenst look outside it, because it no one ever noticed my post, anyway doenst matter much anymore, i'll take my best maps and merge in freedoom.

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