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ZDS #518 - 32in24-4 CTF part II

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Hello ZDaemon Sessions CTF People,
This weekend it's time to play the second part of 32in24 IV: CAPTURE THE FAG.
The wad was made in 2007 and it's still great to play the maps today.
Also let's add something modern and change Chainsaw and Backpack to Railgun.
Part I was great (screenshots), so don't miss the fun!




Game Mode: CTF
IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom)
PWADs: 32in24-4final zds_addon_38 chainsawbackpack2railgun utvox1d monster_skins5_team
Wad url:
Maps: 17-32
DMFLAGS:  134239300 / 1073872898 / 0
Teams: 2
Teamscorelimit: 5
Maxplayersperteam: auto-balancing
Players: 12 + 12 spect slots
Skill: 4 // Nightmare!
Timelimit: 6 mins
Overtime: no




Date: Saturday 5th August 2017
Time: 19:30 GMT

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