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Trying to make a DM map

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But I don't have much experience so I want your advice. Here is a playable version with minimal texturing. Please tell me if some starts are bad, if certain areas need to be bigger\smaller, if the whole thing is hopeless, etc.



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It's not entirely hopeless. It's plain (layout-wise) but not necessarily -bad-. What would be helpful is a focus.


Is this for duel? Is it for DM? Is it meant for Freelook or not? Item respawn?


Establishing a flagset is helpful not only to yourself but people giving feedback as well.  So let's dig in.


All your starts are bad because they aren't on a weapon. Sorry but this hasn't be an acceptable standard since the 1990s and even then maps back then don't do that on all the spawns.

I'm making an assumption this map was designed with the intention of freelook off. That means you have to rely on auto-aim, but it also means a lot of flat land is bad because of all the SG and CG fire which is all on the same plane.

PVP players do not like maps that are too spammy (rockets or PR) or too dependent on SG or CG. You need to find a good balance between SSG starts, SSG placements, and SG/CG starts. RL starts are not necessarily a good idea in high traffic areas because the player is at a huge disadvantage for timing and suiciding.

The map, generally, needs to be bigger. A competent SSG user as it stands right now can dominate the ENTIRE map just by being in the center. No, they won't be going out of their way to pick up a RL or PR. Neither of those things compare to the might of SSG.

Different areas of the map need purpose. Right now the obvious place to be is the center because you can dominate everything. There is no point in going anywhere else.

You have the right ideas with the differences in height, but you could also work in a bit more, for example lowering the northwest SSG spawn area about 48-64 units. Drag that area further up anyway, the little path heading out towards the center is more cramped than it probably should be. Where the CG "hallway" corridor bit is in the western part of the map could be raised up as well, and you could probably make a cut out in the wall leading from the CG to the middle and put something like a green armour or the PR there instead.

Consider making some better areas of interest. Make me WANT to go somewhere. Armour, health, power up, or even SSG dominance if you work the spawns right. Look at how pobla8 directs game play with its spawns and SSG placement for example.


Make some more space generally and I'll give more feedback once you do that.

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I was bored, so I downloaded this.
I booted up Zandronum, and started an offline multiplayer match with it. I started a Deathmatch, but I forgot about something, I had been making some maps too, and I used as many bots as I could to fill the level up, because it was pretty large. When I started, the whole thing was crowded. In 15 seconds rockets and plasma blasts were flying everywhere and there was carnage everywhere you looked. 
I'm not sure why, but it was really fun, trying to rush to a good gun before you died, I give the map a 7/10, more player starts would be nice, and maybe a bit more rooms, but if it doesn't work, keep it exactly the same, it was great.

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