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Video of electronic madness.

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I don't post much on here, but I might start again since I got back into computer activities. 


This is a video I made and I would like comments and criticism, that means if you really REALLY hated it please tell me, it's okay you won't hurt my feelings.


Anyway this is the video




Enjoy, and tell me what you think.



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i love it man!

the one thing i didnt like was the deer part,yeah call me a pussy and stuff but i dont like dead animals 


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I'm a little old fashioned. I often like context, nice visuals and purpose.


I struggled to find these elements. So WTF is this?

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Well from the description I can glean that this is pro exercise and ... seemingly somewhat anti-gaming?


do something with your life besides playing Overwatch and old NES games using znes emulators


I assume he means do more than that though, not that doing those things is somehow bad, just that there should be more to life. That's fair enough, I definitely agree there. If the implication is that something is bad about gaming and it just flew right past me, I would have to disagree, but I didn't get that impression.



fucking stop smoking drugs and being a complete dumbass about social situations

I will never not smoke my weeds but I try my best to be fair and reasonable when it comes to social issues.


Overall, I'm not convinced that anyone wants anyone else to die for the rainbow flag, but I'm guessing it's meant more as an expression than something to be taken literally at face value. The right to dissent and all that. I also saw some anti-communism stuff lightly sprinkled in there which I can definitely get behind, communism is a proven failure of an idea and neo-commies are frankly a scary bunch.

The video piqued my interest and got me typing a reasonably long post, so I'd wager that means it succeeded in it's goal.

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