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[PRBoom+, CL11] "Man on the Moon" (Travmoon 2) - IDGames available

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So, this map has been going on at a rather steady pace and recently, i had a surge of new ideas coming in. I'd say a release by the end of this month (i have 2 weeks of vacation left) is highly possible. 



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Loved the heck out the first one - was sort of a huge "Lunatic" hub with rougher texture theme, it looks slicker this time. You totally should bump this thread with WIP screenshots, cause it might get overlooked and dodge the cacowards. :winkwink:

Edited by JDR : typo

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Haha, thanks man. Glad you enjoyed the first one. I'm not necessarily aiming for a cacoward or anything. I just want to make a fun map is all :D 


As for bumping the thread with wip screenshots, well, I dunno. With it being nearly done, I might as well wait for the release. 

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Finally, it is here. A first RC at least. Pfiou, this took a while. 


Mainly tested in prboom+, should be ok with gzdoom/qzdoom I suppose. 


CL11 is recommended due to the dehacked boss using mbf specific code pointers. He works fine in cl9 but, he doesn't have all of its attacks. 


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sph1l43hzob9mei/MOTM_RC1.zip?dl=1


Things to know: No difficulty settings yet. No coop things either. This will come, no worries.

There may be bugs of course so, I will count on you guys for that ^^


Map is quite large and non linear (just like travmoon 1). 12 secrets (4 more than the first travmoon), will you find them all? Most of them are pretty straight forward but, some might take more time :)


Build time: A year and a few months (from date to date). Actual buildtime? I dunno tbh. There was alot of on and off ^^


There's quite a few rockets heh so, don't be shy on using them ;)













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4 minutes ago, Catpho said:

Judging from the sky... What's next, Saturn X???????


What's next is a well deserved break from yours trully :) 


Haha. Not a long one mind you. But, now that this is out, I can focus on other projects more thoroughly ^^

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Looks awesome! I loved Traveling to the Moon :D

Hopefully, this one will be just as good. Thank you for making this!

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not quite all the way through the map, but loving it so far. beautifully designed, everything is very neat and clean, and the interconnectivity of the layout is fantastic. a lot of unexpectedly nasty fights too, ranging from larger hordes to smaller, close-quarters brawls. awesome stuff :D

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On 9/4/2018 at 1:38 AM, Memfis said:

Fun, indeed quite a few rockets given. Here is a lame demo to laugh at:


 A lame demo? You were quite awesome during that demo and, you survived the yellow trap on your first try too :)


Too bad for that chaingunner at the end :/

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A surprisingly tough map, definitely harder and trickier than part one, featuring both bigger skirmishes (including some downright slaughtery stuff, pre-red key rocket galore à la "sunlust map26 finale lite" probably being the shiniest example) and cramped killboxes that ironically happen to be even more lethal. The yellow key battle and the yellow key part in general are probably as hard as these later types get, all in all. Still, surely not gonna complain about general difficulty or any notable difficulty spikes, as the map is essentially a nonlinear series of setpieces as opposed to an adventurous level with a bunch of upbeat moments in a form of an occasional arena; it escalates fairly quickly and shifts between pinnacle points and "intermediate" stuff rather consistently, so everything seems to be smooth enough in that regard, especially seeing that this brand of challenge is the one I appreciate - the player gets loads of supplies, yet the combat itself is still intense enough to make him/her worry about other things than running out so much more in the heat of battle. Much more fun than ammo starvation, counting bullets and all that.


Funnily enough, the finale is rather easy, even though those terminators can be threatening, especially up close. I think you can leave a soulsphere in one of the alcoves and a megaarmor in the other and it would still suffice, seeing that there's a megasphere, lots of small health pickups and also a soulsphere prior to that that's unlikely to be wasted entirely given the modest opposition preceding the final area. Also what's up with that AV trio on the higher ground? They don't seem to be posing any real threat unless the player decides - for whatever reason - that there's an irresistible urge to get past that imp crowd and into the open asap.


Visually it can pretty much be described as a quintessence of skillsaw's Moon-themed maps, all fancy and shiny and polished, a pleasure to look at. Also wee, transfer heights everywhere, never really got around to mess with those, myself.


Anyway, this was some fun stuff to blast through, tough but never too demanding or unforgiving, with some obvious designing skill and some good understanding of what makes for a fun "modern mainstream hardcore" type of gameplay at play. The map also feels bigger than it really is, quite eventful as to make sure the playtime's going to be rather significant in the end even if the size itself isn't that huge.

Didn't notice any bugs or anything, though I can't say I looked hard.

Thanks for sharing!

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RC2 Available. 


-Difficulty settings are now implemented

-Some changes have been made to certain fights (not much though). Mainly the yellow one.

-An additional secret has been added (nothing grand)

-The final fight has been reworked a little (a few more monsters added) but, it's still pretty much the same

-Fixed an odd texture bug I as having in gzdoom/Zdoom/qzdoom (some height transfers made the textures de-align and, for some reason, putting a lower unpegged on the textures in question did the trick) 


Other than that, still pretty much the same as the first RC. 



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After some feedback I've got, most people told me that the final fight was kinda underwhelming and, well, I ain't gonna lie, it is quite true. 

So, I decided to rework the final fight altogether to make a little more memorable I suppose. I have painstakenly implemented my idea into it (will not spoil) and, painstakenly is an understatement. The control sectors trickery was a PITA to work with but, the overal mechanism is functional now. 

The final RC (3) will have the new fight implemented. 

So yeah, stay tuned I guess. 

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This looks amazing yugi, but im totally disappointed no Andy Kaufman status bar face was included ;p

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RC3 coming tomorrow. 

That fight took longer than expected haha. But, hopefully, it will be a nice little final (I quite like how it comes across so far). 

I only have a few little things here and there to do and, it will be good to go. 


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RC3 Available: 


-Major change to the final fight 

-Small change to the YK fight 

-Various small tweaks here and there 

-Still no coop things (well, there are a few coop monsters but, nothing really huge right now), this will come with the final release 


So yeah, enjoy. 

This should be the final release candidate unless some bugs are discovered I suppose. Please let me know. 

The final version, as mentioned above, will come with the coop things and stuff. 



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So I'm about halfway through the map. There are so many secrets and I genuinely can't figure out how to reach any of them. I have never felt so retarded in my entire life :'(


Awesome map design and great visuals, by the way. I like how you've added a shit ton of different routes, most weapons included. I also like how you are really generous with ammo. Well, going to try and figure out all the stuff I've missed. Thank you for making this!


EDIT: Timed shootable switches in obscure places? U srs? Sometimes I wish I knew how to use doombuilder :(

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Map sent to idgames, in the meantime: 




EDIT: I'm terribly sorry @Fuzzball, I completely forgot to mention you in the readme file even though you made some really useful texture edits for me. I'm a terrible person. Please accept my sincerest apologies...


I knew I would end up forgetting someone in the credits haha



Edited by Yugiboy85

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7 hours ago, Fuzzball said:

Oh its this map! :D No hard feelings lol- I remember what its all about now

 I know, but it's only natural ;)

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