MAN ON THE MOON                                                                                          Might as well make it official (although, if you take a peek at the french doom community, it is already official haha).    "Man on the Moon" is be the sequel to "travelling to the moon". This time, You've finally arrived on the moon after boarding the rocket ship (see "travelling to the moon") and I guess you are met with what you would expect from moon maps nowadays heh. 

This started off as an exercise really (about a month ago) and it slowly turned into the sequel that was going to come out eventually tbh. As far as map lenght and gameplay, this one will be quite different from the first one. It will feature more subtle (and not so subtle) traps, less arenas (something that was quite present in the first map i guess) and more setpieces.

The map retains some of the features from the first one like the fact that you will still be able to grab the keys in any order and, some elements to link the two maps together (I already have a few ideas for that heh). (That didn't turn out quite as I expected it to turn out, but, there are some small callbacks ^^)

The map features "new" textures taken right out of valiant's episode 5 (curtosy of skillsaw haha) and a few small, yet, useful (for the map that is) edits by yours trully. The current midi track is "Space jiggle" by stewboy (ancient aliens' map 16) and, while it is probably subject to change on the longrun, i find that it fits the mood just right heh. Yup, it changed. It has now been set to "Gutter penny" by alfonzo (found in map 10 of tht threnody).    There will probably be an OGG track for mapinfo supported ports, just like "travelling to the moon I" (Still trying to find one as of today). The sky is from plum's impressive skystravaganza ^^   Finally, you may fight a dehacked boss at the end, who knows. This is why the title of the thread has the map listed as "cl9, maybe 11" depending on whether or not the boss will use the random codepointer or something. JCD is currently working on it, we've come across a few problems along the way but, I at least have an idea on what boss it will be :)   There is indeed a dehacked boss to fight. Thank you so much JCD :D   Release: Well, that's the thing. For now, it is still quite early to say but, I would like to have it release on the 23rd of october to celebrate travmoon's first anniversary. This will highly depend on my motivation and/or work schedule (I'm gonna be quite busy starting september heh).    Hey, I actually ended up releasing the damn thing earlier than expected :D   More screens (outdated, see release post for more recent screens. Located in this thread, on page 1):      There you go. Topic will be updated as I go on. heh   ps: Of course, the name isn't final. You are on the moon (well, some moon at least) so it would not make any sense.    I guess the name is now final :)   EDIT: RC1 Available   EDIT 2: RC2 Available   EDIT 3: RC3 Available (hopefully last RC before final version)