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Any reason GZDoom doesn't support texture names longer than 8 characters in UDMF? (And a bug) (Nevermind, my and GZDoom Builder's fault)

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Other than breaking backwards compatibility with .pk3s, since those allow for more than 8 chars in a name. And that could be fixed with keeping the normal 8-char parsing code along with a special case for longer names, though I'm pretty sure Graf will be against this hack and with good reason.


Still, the UDMF spec clearly states: Strings have no reasonable length limitations.


Along with:

      offsetx = <integer>; // X Offset. Default = 0.
      offsety = <integer>; // Y Offset. Default = 0.
      texturetop    = <string>; // Upper texture. Default = "-".
      texturebottom = <string>; // Lower texture. Default = "-".
      texturemiddle = <string>; // Middle texture. Default = "-".
      sector = <integer>; // Sector index. No valid default.

      comment = <string>; // A comment. Implementors should attach no special
                          // semantic meaning to this field.

So yep. There you go. Textures are strings, strings should have no length limits within reason.


Not only that, there's a bug when dealing with long names! In this example pk3, there are three textures: KPLAT_RED96, KPLAT_RED, KPLAT_RE

One wall with each of them (and a startan2 too because I hate triangle rooms). The floor is KPLAT_RE, and the ceiling is KPLAT_RED.

So of course, you'd expect just the KPLAT_RE to work, and it almost does: the texture displayed is KPLAT_RED96, since I guess it's loaded last. Meanwhile the other two and the ceiling are missing textures.


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In short, in case anyone gets here through Google:


Using GZDoom Builder. Go into the Map Options (F2), and toggle "Use long texture names" on. This will only work if the folder is in .pk3 format, and will NOT work if it just a folder of textures.


Ah well, time to think on a way to warn the user of this and post a feature request to whoever is in charge of the GZDB-Bugfix project. Thanks for your time, guys

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