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a PREVIEW of my new map

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I do get where rdwpa is coming from though, you made your second and third maps only yesterday and here you are trying to hype your fourth one already. Slow down a bit, develop your mapping skills a bit more. It's tempting to make as much maps as possible and try to brute-force your way to improvement, but it's not really a tactic you can rely on and eventually people will get sick of the deluge.


Tell you what: if you'd like to get constructive feedback on your maps and develop your skills, why not PM me your efforts instead of posting them here? I'm a bit of a patient sort and I would genuinely like to see you enjoy making things that other people can enjoy as well. Think it over.

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Please test your maps. The door doesn't even work and sectors are bleedings.


I don't know what map editor you are using, but I'd recommend Doom Builder 2 which has a preview mode. Look for tutorials on Youtube for doors, lifts, crushing ceilings and teleporters. Don't over abuse them, use these where appropriate.


You should always try your maps and play it until the exit so you can at least confirm that everything works as expected. You must also avoid graphical glitches like bleeding sectors.


You should always start by drawing your map on a piece of paper to see if the layout is interesting. Don't do a map to do a map. Wait until you have an interesting idea. Draw the 2D map on the paper and imagine it in 3D inside your head.


Try doing something that at least cannot be completed under 2 minutes without exploring the full map. You can make use of some nonlinearity and backtracking to make the map more interesting. Watch the whole series of videos of John Romero playing through Doom's first episode and explaining his design choices. Try to think how he thinks, make something interesting to the player.

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