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Official Doom source ports that had code released?

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I know the Linux port was the original open source release and the Jaguar and 3DO ports got their code released. Did any other official authorized-by-ID ports have their source code published anywhere?

And no I am not counting the mobile ports done by John Carmack based on an existing open source port (and which then had their source code released in order to comply with the license for that port)


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I wish they would, or someone would, release the 32X source code. It would be very cool to be able to work on that version and fix it up. Also, because I don't own a 3DO or a Jag. AFAIK some "Mars" code exists in Jag but I think it's missing system-specific stuff. .if I'm wrong please correct me :)


Oh well, I can only dream xD 

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It might be interesting to see a 32X port just done from scratch by fans. Nobody seems to disagree that the 32X port sucked but it's not clear how much of that was down to the hardware and how much of it was due to it being a shitty port. I'd certainly be interested to see where that line is.

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