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My new wad

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This will be my third wad, I learned a little bit about map making and this time I tried to stick to a theme, no weird textures, everything is in place, the secrets are more interesting, no wall hugging unless you really stretch the definition. Mostly low tier enemies, some mid tier. I had a little fun with the lighting too.

The map isn't perfect, there are some bugs, in the room with the yellow key the textures are all messed up, In doom builder they are perfectly aligned but ingame it's a mess but you're only there for a couple of seconds anyway ). 


The wad takes around 11 minutes to complete, at the end I give you a computer area map and a switch that activates the closed off areas so you can go visit all the secrets If you couldn't find any earlier. Also, you might want to save here and there otherwise you'll be in for a shock when you die ;) I don't give you that many pick ups 


Made on doom builder, tested with zandronum, all vanilla, jumping and crouching reccomended, made for doom 2, replaces map 02, there ARE difficulty levels, normal gives you more pick ups, easy gives you even more, I had players that use arrowkeys, play on phone or use something other than the good ol' pc in mind. Ultra violence reccomended of course.


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh34fcrwapzqfdh/idkdidkidkidkidkdidkidkid.wad?dl=0


Go ahead, make my day, PLAY IT !!! Feedback appreciated




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Great job, really enjoyed it ! The map looks very nice and it was fun to play. very good, overall. at this part there is an alcove that I went into and got stuck, I had to use idclip to get out. Thats the only thing I would fix, other than that the map was very good, I had a lot of fun playing it, very nice job :)




Edited by Jthom

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Quite a fun map, although one or two more stimpacks would have been nice earlier on. If you find the MegaSphere then the end part isn't too bad. There were a few texture misalignments which I've put here. There are also several places you can get stuck, such as the pit the Arch Vile comes out of and the part mentioned in the above post. There shouldn't really be any inescapable parts in your level. You can't pick up the Plasma Gun just by walking at it, but you can pick it up if you run at it with enough speed. If you intended for that to be accessed only with some sort of jump then the items need to be further back from the edge.

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Cool little map.

I found one area where there's an inescapable cubby.

The second picture shows some HOMs and they're in each one of the three/four cubbies in this area.

The section where the hell knights drop down has an issue with the sky. You can get rid of this by including a 1mp border around the edge.

Also, the pit with the Archvile is inescapable. 

Okay. So... I just beat it. A few other things to consider looking at. I'm not sure if jumping is allowed or no. I assume not. If this is the case, then you need to move the plasma cell pack closer to the edge when you give the plasma rifle.

What did the blue key do?

The player can also get up on to a lot of your skyboxes... this means that they can see that the world is floating in the middle of nowhere.

Cool map overall. Just a few issues.

Typically people don't use the exit Door as an exit switch.






Edited by everennui : looks like someone already found it. :/

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