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The /newstuff Chronicles #533

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After sitting at the bottom of the heap -forever-, Morgenstern finally gets a review, good on you Fonze for picking it up and walking through it. Goddamn that is a huge review though!

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The homage of the Master Level "Black Tower" in Final Doom return of the evil god isn't the only one, in fact the wad has many references to Fragport. I only played few level and idclev-ed around a bit but it's pretty evident. Fragport used a green key instead of the yellow one and had many sings to label the locations, but more important is that the architecture and the design of the enviromnents (and even the gameplay) looks very similar. Perhaps the author deliberately followed that kind of style.

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Adjacent to Shadowmaker, I have also been waiting for a long time to see Morgenstern get reviewed and to gather more input from that project.  I am fortunate that I am able to gather information from players regarding what they like or what they did not like, regardless how I like the review or comments.  Without this very platform, I would be unsure as to what players want or expect.  Moreover, I find this review more interesting and different than the others.  I say this because I remember the reviewer, from the ZDoom Forums, being excited or having the curiosity to play the maps, but somewhere later in the development - I lost that reviewer's attention.  For awhile, I have been questioning myself as to where I lost that reviewer.  This review, was what I have been wanting for a long time.  Thank you for the critical review, honesty, and how meaty the review is in length.

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I miss the "let me guess, these reviewers are idiots so write your own" or whatever the hell it said at the bottom of each newstuff, makes finding the backlog much easier. Had to go to an old /newstuff review to find the url, probably best to keep it around. (Tiny 2c)


EDIT: yay, it's back!

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I think the music packs are especially the "write your own review" material. However, you need to dig to find the music exclusive .wads. You'd never guess the Doom Project 1.1 is a music .wad for episode 1.


* edit *


Just did another review. Looks like we're up to 16 approved.

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