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Merging multiple TEXTURE1/PNAMES lumps


is it possible to merge multiple texture1 lumps or pnames lumps into a single texture1/pnames lump?

if so, how?


this is mildly important this stopped being important

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In SLADE3, open 2 TEXTURE1 lumps in 2 different wads, go to one TEXTURE1, select unique texture entries in it, copy them, go to the other TEXTURE1, paste them, save changes. Graphics will be copied and PNAMES lump updated automatically upon pasting the texture entries, and so the latter wad will contain textures and patches from both wads combined in a single TEXTURE1/PNAMES.

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You may try WADMerge. There is a newer version around but the one I linked has a graphic interface, which makes it slightly easier to use.

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