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There you go people, some more examples of bumpmaps and highlights.
I don't know if id will use the Vertex Shaders, that means they can't use T&L because both systems run in paralel.

Now I would like to see a working demo of specular maps. That would be the Ultimate experience in highlights and glossiness.

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Zaldron - remember what Fredo told me about Vertex Shaders?
They weren't used for anything in MacWorld demo.
He did the animation by hand.

I am a little confused here...

I always thought that Pixel Shaders are used for lighting effects, real time shadows and vertex shaders are used for detailed expressions on the characters.

Then I read that Vertex Shaders are used for real time shadows and now I am totaly confused :)

Could you clear it up for me?

Do you think that it's better to do the animation by hand instead with vertex shaders?

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