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MAP 04 Repeating wall movement


Hi all!


Got another editing question.  In map 04 (the focus), there were walls as soon as you walked in towards your left that were going up and down repeatedly, and I was curious on how to do that in doom builder 2.  Any advice would be awesome.  Thanks!


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Yeah, nothing is preventing you from opening the map in DB2. Just make sure you don't accidentally save it, as that could modify your IWAD and that's not good. Anyway, the effect is implemented by a walkover linedef next to the start room that applies a crusher effect onto the window sector when you walk over it.

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It's worth noting that the floor of the window sectors in The Focus are 8 units lower than the rest of the sill, because crushers by default don't lower all the way to the ground, but 8 units above (presumably to stop players' views going through the floor when they get caught in them).

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