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QuakeCon Is Dead

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QuakeCon didn't get much coverage from Doomworld for reasons still unknown, but if you're some sort of fanatic you'll probably want to check out the QuakeCon media gallery which has links to almost all the coverage of the event.

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ATI's website had a huge ad for QuakeCon 2003, I was wondering why nothing got posted about it...

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i dont think there was a lot of pressing urgency to post news about quakecon because there wasnt very much new information on doom3 presented. on doomworld, the two new screenies were posted, and some of the important interviews (4 players, railgun) were posted, but i'm not sure if there was really much more for the discriminating doom3 watcher to be interested in. quakecon was more of an orgy of product promotion and q3a tournaments than anything a doom fan would be interested in.

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