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Yet another Doom 2 homage in musical form

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Had a lot of fun with this one, kind of going for a mixture of hard rock, heavy metal, cinematic music and industrial aggression. Enjoy!



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Did you compose and perform this piece? If so, I laud you. Although I am not a fan of purely synthesized music (particularly the use of drum tracks), I quite enjoyed the composition. I particularly liked:


1. The tightness of the piece - everything fits together very well

2. The periodic change in cadence - this makes the listening experience varied

3. Good use of stereophonic separation

4. The overall melody (including the changes) and driving beat are very suitable for gaming


Thanks for sharing.

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Hey, thanks a lot, the comments are much appreciated. Yes, this is all me. The project is called Visplane Overflow which is an industrial/electronic/metal project that is heavily influenced (no surprise!) by id Software among other things. I've been composing synth music since 2003, so I've learned a thing or two about composition. It's really important to me that even a song with a lot of riffs maintain a strong coherency. Everything has to fit and flow together. I wanted the riffs to feel like a mix between the gloominess of Doom 2's score and the high-energy riffs of Doom 1.

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26 minutes ago, Matt534Dog said:

I love it! It's like Doom/Doom II meets Duke 3D meets Doom 2016, and it is just beautiful. It feels like it would fit perfectly in a good Duke 3D map to me since the main bass/keyboard riff is so damn funky.

That's a fantastic description. I got some Duke vibes too. And yes, funky is part of it. All of my music has been infected lately with a sense of funk and I really like doing the funk/heavy thing which I think is sadly lacking in music.

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