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Entry to Hell!

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Sorry to say this but this map is very boring. None of the enemies are in places that actually make you have to think or react quickly, all you do is open a door and hold the fire button at the enemies directly in front of you. My biggest piece of advice would be to really think out your enemy encounters instead of just slapping them in a room. The goal is to challenge/stimulate the player by requiring split second tactical decisions and twitch reactions. Not to just give them some fodder.

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Hey which ports do you used for testing this map? I want be sure before I'll test your map.

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You made a very cute level. It was fun to go through these cozy little rooms and look at the micro details you put in them. This reminded me just how lovely the STUCCO texture is. I made a demo of my playthrough, so here it is (recorded with REQMUS.WAD + IDMUS29).



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ZDoom 2.8.1 FDA attached, about 7 mins.

Nice little map, you could've (or "should've") included some new music. The rooms were a bit small IMO, also some more d33teyl wouldn't be too harmful. But the gameplay felt fun, the map was easy (that's good).

Also, no secrets??? Who allowed you to do that??




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