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Tech my new map

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Hi all, and here is my first named Tech In this map it will have new monster, New Music and new weapons also the map will turn under freedoom story to change Doom. It will not be long and it will work under GZDoom, ZDoom and zandronum (child I believe) Child on those I hope the screen will please you and for the monster it will be more of a soldier.


The screens





Ps: Im a french doomer

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I added some room and I also did some trickScreenshot_Doom_20170809_212531.png.170b27b92d1f20d198157655e6ea271c.pngScreenshot_Doom_20170809_212534.png.50a6bb66b71f34ad316c16350c53e602.pngScreenshot_Doom_20170809_212540.png.dff82a93036b2e2519e8f7ac61e97e18.png

OK OK it is not finished but as we say it takes time :)



Edited by complexDoomer : I was wrong

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