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Best Map in All of Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment

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Out of all the maps in Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and both halves of Final Doom, which map is your most favorite? Also tell me your least favorite and this topic is mainly about which maps are the best and worst in your opinion. This is only for the official Doom WAD files, and NOT any megawads.


If you think one is unfair (e.g. E4M1 having powerfull monsters but no health), and it took you a vast amount of attempts to finish it on Ultra-Violence with 100% kills and 100% secrets, feel free to add it to the ones that you hate with perfect hatred (<----- and did I mention a map name....?           LOL)

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Plutonia's map29, Odyssey of Noises, is my absolute favourite IWAD map. It's also the best executed and detailed of the sandbox-style city maps. Worst would be Habitat, which is not only the ugliest map in TNT but one of the worst looking maps ever made.


24 minutes ago, Benjogami said:

Disclaimer: haven't played Plutonia or TNT.

Mother of God... Play Plutonia, now, do it!

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1 hour ago, nxGangGirl said:

Doom 2 Map 14: The Inmost Dens.

This map holds a strong sense of nostalgia for some reason. I love it. I also love The Spirit World and The Citadel for the same reasons. I ALSO remember Gotcha! being a much larger map than it really is until I play it, but I love it too. I guess if I had to choose an absolute favorite map off of the top of my head right now, I would choose The Living End. I don't know what it is about that map but I always enjoy it the most :D

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2 minutes ago, Magnusblitz said:

We already decided this, and the answer was E2M2.





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Actually....now that I think about it, I don't have an "all-favorite map" of all IWADs in Doom. There are good and bad maps but I don't have one to pick and say "That's the best map of all".


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I have too many favorites but if I did pick one, it would be E2M2 just because its the best map to Tyson on :) 

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I'm not about to call these particular picks "the best" because I simply can't. However they are the most memorable (aside from the obvious openers like E1M1 and MAP01) and seem to be the ones I keep coming back to.














I honestly struggled to pick out favorites from Plutonia because it's all so memorable and unique. It'd be faster to list the maps I don't like :P

(Those being, uhh, MAP04, MAP20, MAP23, and MAP28?)

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Hard to tell in terms of actual design I'd have to reply them all.

Tower of Babel holds a special place in my heart for blowing my mind when I was a wee lad and thought the Cyberdemon was naught but a tale told by the big boys in third grade to scare the young'uns during lunch time.

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57 minutes ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

We're talking iWads here. SunLust map 29 is something else.

I wasn't a big fan of sunlust

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Call me generical, but i still choose the good'ol classic map of the ultimate doom E1M1,  E1M9 , E2M1, and E3M1, because it's just the begining of an amazing journey and i cannot forget that.

For doom 2 I could say the MAP07, map 08 for being too juicy IMO

TNT and plutonia both like to say the last map, such as map27 and map29, the rest of all is just meh for me but it doesn't mean it's not memorable.


EDIT: Also phobos lab from E1M5

Edited by Mikami41

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Doom 2 (Map14, Map15, Map17)

TNT (Map02, Map11, Map13, Map16, Map17, Map30)

Plutonia (Map11, Map18, Map21, Map23, Map27, Map28, Map29, Map32)


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E4M2 is the best map ever made of course.


I also genuinely don't really like Containment Zone that much. In fact I can't really think of any E2 map I particularly enjoy, it just feels like a drag compared to the others.

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Hmmm.. Really hard to pick just one. In no particular order:


Map20: Gotcha! for the badass spider VS cyber fight and great midi.

Map08: Tricks and Traps for the interesting setup, reasonably tough difficulty and open ended nature of the map.

E4M2: Perfect Hatred for being a timeless challenge and the toughest UDoom map.

E2M4: Deimos Lab for it's atmosphere, greatly enhanced by the accompanying midi.

Plutonia Map32: Go 2 It for not only being the first slaughtermap I ever played, but still arguably being one of the best to this day.

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