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Do you guys like cyberpunk? What are your favorite works of fiction that fit into the genre.


Also for those interested, apparently Deadpool's director of all people is set to direct a Neuromancer movie????



But yeah, post some cyberpunks my dudes, novels, games, movies, music, anything.




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2 minutes ago, wheresthebeef said:

I'm also anticipating cdProjekt's Cyberpunk game.

Same, glad there were some news not too long ago confirming the tabletop classes will be available in some way.


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Anachronox was quite an enjoyable game. It was one that stood out for its imaginative and distinct design choices - one of the most peculiar being its turn-based combat. I'm ashamed to say I never actually finished it, though I certainly plan on it soon, if not just for its storytelling and dialogue.


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From Movies this is what got me most:


From Games this one is one of my faves after Deus Ex:


And for final, there's the map i made for Unreal Tournament 3 that tries to focus a bit more the Cyberpunk setting UT3 have:


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I live on hi tech, low life.


that aside, The Matrix trilogy sparks my life in cyberpunk. and Equilibrium is my all time favorite movie on that setting.

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I'm a big fan of cyberpunk. Love the shadowrun returns games. Also made my own cyberpunk adventure some 15 years ago called Nimrod.

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Theres quite a few great games that fit in the Cyberpunk genre.

Deus Ex Series

Shadowrun Returns Series

Hard Reset

Omikron:The Nomad Soul

Blade Runner - The Adventure Game

Anarchy Online


E.Y.E:Divine Cybermancy

Unreal Tournament

System Shock 2

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