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Your favourite TYPE of level?

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6 hours ago, 42PercentHealth said:

Given the fact that oku2v31.wad is so linearly structured and has so many "points of no return," it seems to me that it could have easily been broken into smaller levels. The only reason it wasn't was because of that 23,211 monster count.

The whole multiple points of no return are what kill it.  The best way to go is generally 2 real progress saves then a few slots for the mid-fight save scummery or you'll wind up repeating fights/parts of fights over and over(I did this for 3 days on the hellknight/archvile hallway).

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-Techbases. I love me some really good techbase. Maybe a competent city map or two 


-Medium difficulty.


-Chaingunners have plenty of uses. Don't mind them much.


-Just because I map for short doesn't mean I don't enjoy the longer stuff


-Ideally both, but I like detail better. For me, good architecture and design is part of the game itself. Love me some false ambient lighting.

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Setting: I like techbases a lot and also gothic hell maos,


Difficulty: I'm not really sure how to put it in a word or two. Basically the later maps in btsx e1.


Chaingunners: As long as they're not used cheaply.


Length: I tend to like larger maps, but not HUGE maps, as long as they flow well (i.e. I don't get lost.)


detail/gameplay: Being super detailed doesn't matter if the level plays like shit.

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-your favourite map setting? Thy Flesh Consumed is the most beautiful aesthetics of a Doom theme IMO. 


-favourite map difficulty? Ultra Violence


-chaingunners? Chaingunners can be great enemies to use and especially for traps if they are placed well. Plutonia showed how to make them the most dangerous.


-long or short? Short. Not much fun being stuck in a massive level for half an hour wondering where the hell you're supposed to go. 


-detail-focused or gameplay-focused? Gameplay focused. This is the main reason I enjoy Plutonia as well as various maps in Doom II. 

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128x128 rooms filled with cyberdemons and archviles, connected by long hallways, with D_Runnin.

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Anything except rap or country.


(I'm pretty open minded when it comes to approaching map genres, IDK if I could pick a favorite as such)

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Cool, looks like we've revived a thread from a few months ago!


Favourite map setting: A good bit of Hell with all its REDROCK caverns and tight marble hallways. Bonus points if the author goes for that Episode 4 look.

Favourite difficulty: About Plutonia. I like playing maps with "natural" gameplay. What I mean by this is allowing monsters to roam, keeping the difficulty more or less consistent, and not trying to control exactly what the players or monsters do in the map (so, minimal traps/ambushes).

Chaingunners? Yes, as long as they aren't bullshit like that one map in Plutonia where it spawns you in front of about 8 of them.

Long or short? Nice and long with lots of exploration and optional areas!

Detail or gameplay? Why not both?

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Must've missed this one, let's try:


Favorite map setting : can't decide between the following Urban, Jungle, Temples, Canyons, Medieval.


Favorite map difficulty : UV


Chaingunners : Yep, when they're fun to avoid.


Long or Short ? : Long.


Detail or Gameplay-focused ? : Gameplay, don't care how awesome or how bad a map looks, If it plays well, It's good in my book.

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- Your favourite map setting? Hellish levels or the "natural" style of Plutonia with some techbases around.


- Favourite map difficulty? UV, or, for something much less vague, somewhere around Plutonia's, HR's, Scythe's, or AV's difficulty.


- Chaingunners? Certainly, so long as they're not overused. More variety and good enemy placement is the key for good gameplay.


- Long or short? Somewhere in between, I neither like my levels too short nor do I like them very long so that they drag on or confuse me (and my sense of direction is absolutely horrible).


- Detail-focused or gameplay-focused? Definitely gameplay, aesthetics aren't everything. It can look as good as people can make it but if it plays like trash, then it's a bad map in my book.

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On 8/10/2017 at 3:52 PM, CzechMate29200 said:

-your favourite map setting?


-favourite map difficulty?




-long or short?


-detail-focused or gameplay-focused?



-I really enjoy atmospheric hellish/gothic fortresses that vary in design set-pieces throughout the journey. For reference, MAP 27 of Alien Vendetta is one of my favorite maps of all time. However, I enjoy a good techbase and more realistic environment, especially when the map shows signs of demonic corruption (Map 10 of Doom 2 In Name Only comes to mind). Basically, I'm a sucker for any map that conveys an ominous/atmospheric/isolated mood (bonus points for surreal/abstract elements).


-Medium-hard to hard. I want a challenge, however I don't usually enjoy nonstop action. I enjoy when the map has a chance to breathe, so to speak (maybe a monster ambush here, then a section with incidental fights, then maybe a trap, then a section or two with very few monsters to add tension and suspense.)


-Sure. Bring em' on. As annoying as they can be, I enjoy the added difficult they bring. Just don't spam them, a la Valley of Echoes from the original AV.WAD ;) 


-I prefer megaWADs, so I prefer maps to vary in length/difficulty. Generally, though, I love me a good long adventure map.


-I gotta say, I have a hard time becoming immersed in the playing experience in maps that are hideously under-detailed or just flat-out ugly. Mappers that can tell a story and weave a rich ambient texture through map design alone have my utmost respect. Having said that, I find a WAD seriously lacking in gameplay if all the monster encounters are purely incidental. You gotta throw in some traps and devious little surprises to keep me on my toes. I suppose this boils down to simply varying the enemy encounters. 

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My favorites are the primarily vanilla maps that utilize modern features from gzdoom

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1 minute ago, AbsorbedHatch said:

vanilla maps, modern features from gzdoom

Pick one

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29 minutes ago, NaZa said:

Pick one

By vanilla, I obviously mean no extra content added. And by THAT, I mean textures and things.

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Favourite map setting: Hellish ruin levels that use the outdoor textures for Doom 2. For Doom 1 some Episode 2 style techbases with the Episode 1 sky. (I love me those misty Chinese hills!)

Favourite difficulty: Usually UV, but I'm not a big fan of being starved for resources like some maps tend to do.

Chaingunners?: If they're up close like all good hitscanners belong,

Long or short?: I don't like getting lost looking for keys or switches, but I love a longer map that's just intuitive where to go.

Detail or gameplay?: Intricate texturework is great, but please don't let me get caught on your wall pillar things. Being able to actually make sense of the automap in that mess of sectors would be nice too.

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I like urban/egyptian settings (ie Epic/Epic 2).

Always play on UV, though obvious exceptions stand for custom difficulties.

Chaingunners are iffy. I hate them generally, but I can appreciate them when they're well placed, like anything else.

Love Marathon Levels, despite being kicked back 20 minutes is immensely discouraging.

Gameplay is where it's at for me, but I do appreciate a simple aesthetic.

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