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Horror games!

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lol original prey


More like Prey 2017, aka System Shock 3. Christ that game creeped me out on major levels quite a lot.

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Diablo 2 used to scare me when I was a kid literally because of the possibility of dying. It's not exactly a "horror" game but it sure has a dark gothic atmosphere that's pretty chilly.

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In 1995 one of my co-workers bought a game that he played during lunch breaks. It was named Phantasmagoria, and was "a point-and-click adventure game that featured live-action actors and cinematic footage, both during scenes between the gameplay and within the three-dimensional rendered environments of the game itself."


Following DooM, DooM2, Duke 3D, Heretic, HeXen, and Star Wars: Dark Forces, this game was a completely different experience. Despite the slow pacing and the puzzle-solving, it was entirely absorbing, especially when the horror of the place gradually revealed itself. The climax was tense and frightening, much more so than I had generally experienced with other fiction. Nicely done.

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Survival horror games counts here?


16 minutes ago, CzechMate29200 said:

Hexen will scare the shit out of you

LOL....but there are Doom mods that can jumpscare you ;)

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