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Question About Creating Doom Music

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I have written several guitar riffs and piano pieces that I would love to include in my next project.  If I record directly into my computer using a sound editing program, how would I go about making them Doom ready if they are in WAV format?

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Convert them to 8-bit wav format in your sound editing program, them import them to SLADE3 and convert them to Doom sound format within SLADE3.


EDIT: Wait, no, you said music, not sounds - I somehow got confused after you said "sound editing" and "wav". Music should be midi. You can try some converter from non-midi to midi, but those aren't much good. Midis should be recorded / sequenced as midis from the start.

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Thank you.  I have never created a MIDI before.  Is there any free software for such a task that you can recommend?

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Just to be clear: midi isn't itself audio, but rather a sequence of instructions your system will interpret and use to produce sounds (e.g. turn on note F3 on instrument 1, turn off note, etc). As scifista mentioned, general audio to midi is in a rough state (and frankly, is an ill-posed problem). deriving midi from spectrograms can have some humorous uses though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq513pryit4


if you're looking to make some traditionally doomy sounding music, your best bet is to transcribe your guitar riffs into midi, add some drums and what-have-you, and make an entire shpiel. here's numerous threads on the topic: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/63420-recommended-midi-notation-program/?do=findComment&comment=1150543


otherwise you can convert the wav into ogg/mp3 and use it straight up in the ports that support it, but... yeah..

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