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Russell Meakim - Comparison of Doom 2 and Doom 4 level design

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For those who aren't aware, Russell Meakim was one of the level designers for NRFTL.



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Wow 14.5 minutes just to say that the new Doom's gameplay differs from Doom 2's because of checkpoints and breaks in the action (which is ultimately due to having less enemies to work with because the enemies themselves eat more resources) and another .5 to talk about how "hard" his new map is. But "hard" doesn't directly correlate to fun :(


Also, if you change your perspective on Doom 2's design, each new map is a checkpoint and break in the action. 

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But MAPxx grouping and manual saving and loading is what makes classic Doom better! Even if it's basically the same thing (technically speaking) as a level list and checkpoints.

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