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Wads with best visuals?

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Can anyone recommend some wads that have really good visuals? I am trying to learn how to detail my map, because it is really barren and empty. I figure a good way to learn is to observe some of the best looking wads out there and find inspiration from them. I also really want to play them and see the designs. Any wads you would like to recommend? Doesn't have to have good gameplay, just beautiful design. any replies are appreciated, thanks

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My folder of "things to look at to learn how to make maps look good" folder contains the following:


Ancient Aliens


Community Chest 4

Return to Hadron E2




Jade Earth

Japanese Community Project



Nova 2

No Rest for the Living (more for layouts rather than detail)


Realm of Parthoris

Stardate 20X7

Speed of Doom


Swim With the Whales

THT: Threnody

Water Spirit

Whispers of Satan


Obviously there are plenty more, but that's a good start.

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Ah, these are exactly what I was looking for guys. Beautiful, just beautiful :"). Most of these are just great wads all around. thank you! 

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You're just looking for inspiration in terms of visuals, is that right? I highly recommend AeonDM.pk3, DbabRM.pk3, chaoscore CTF, amath.wad and udmx.wad. All for DM or CTF, but frankly some of the nicest looking map packs ever released, honestly no wad I've ever played looks as good as most maps in AeonDM. They're all here: https://doomshack.org/wads/

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Surprised no one's mentioned the Back to Saturn X episodes yet. Hard to say how much if it is simply the gorgeous texture pack, but there's a lot of amazing vistas in there.

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Horde2.wad by SR69MM-JC, is a somewhat new and quite impressively detailed map pack for coop gameplay. It makes use of a Dynamic Spawning System (DSS) for the monsters, which counts the current number of players alive and accordingly spawns those buggers for each part of the map separately, which is pretty interesting!

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