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What were the ultimate doom map sizes like, compared to wolf 3d?

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Wolf 3d ones feel much bigger but that's probably more from being lost and repetition than anything else.  Opinions?

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Wolf3D maps, by definition, are bound to a 64x64-tile box: supposing Wolf3Dguy and Doomguy are the same size (that is, 32 units), this gives us a 2048x2048 layout for Wolf3D's largest maps. Of course, not all of Wolf3D's maps reach this far, with small maps occupying closer to a quarter of this space (or 1024x1024).


Doom maps aren't explicitly bound, but we can measure bounding boxes all the same. Some rough estimates suggest that the average Doom1 map occupies three to four times more than a Wolf3D one, with most of the former's maps being 3000-4000 units on a side. Mt. Erebus is a 7000x7000 map, far greater than anything else Wolf3D could theoretically muster.


If Wolf3D levels seem bigger, that's probably because they're far more packed in compared to Doom1 maps. Rooms are often quite small and mazes quite common in the Wolf3D layout, because wide spaces just don't work as well in the context of the hitscan-heavy gameplay. Compare to Doom, where a 1024x1024 room doesn't even seem that big as long as you detail it accordingly and add enough enemies.

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