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Best game configuration for maps?

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Assuming your custom monsters are (G)ZDoom-specific, so that your wad will require (G)ZDoom combatibility anyway, go straight for (G)ZDoom:UDMF configuration to get access to the widest range of (G)ZDoom's features. Note that there isn't really an objectively "best" map format / game configuration / compatibility, though. You can read about the pros and cons of each for example here. There are other (possibly less biased) posts on that topic on this forum, this one was just the easiest one for me to find.

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6 hours ago, Ducky5544 said:

... i plan on using custom monsters and probably more.

If you want to create your mod for vanilla/chocolate DooM, you can also consider DeHacked for building custom actors. If you take this route, you'll only need to map in DooM format.

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