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Eric the Sandvich

Again, but this time some serious help for DECORATE

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So I'm getting around to creating rotation for my actor, it's a computer monitor that flashes. Here are the files for this monitor for easier explaining




Here is the DECORATE of this actor


actor computermonitor 18004
 health 10
 radius 12
 height 20
 painchance 256
 deathsound "computer/death"
 painsound "computer/hit"
  COMP ACACACBDBDBD 5    //A and C are frames neutral vs. bright versions, B and D are the same but with an insertion cursor.
  COMP A 4
  goto Spawn
  CMDT A 5 A_Scream
  CMXP A 8 A_Playsound ("computer/explode")


My problem is that when I launch zDoom I get this message and it dosen't launch. "R_InstallSprite: Sprite COMP frame B is missing rotations"

COMPB1 clearly has a rotation.


I'm assuming that because of the way 'COMP ACACACBDBDBD 5' is coded it gets jumbled. If not, then I messed up on wording the filenames.


If someone be kind enough to help me?

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The problem might be that your angle sprite names are wrong.

I'll give you a quick list of the correct angle names.


1c1 = facing you 0/360 degrees

2c8 = turned 45 degrees

3c7 = turned 90 degrees

4c6 = turned 135 degrees

5c5 = back turned to you, 180 degrees

6c4 = turned 225 degrees

7c3 = turned 270 degrees

8c2 = turned 315 degrees

At this point, it is looped back to 1c1, the front sprite of the thing.

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1c1? 2c8?


I don't exactly know where to put these, I might have an idea but there is no base alongside them to demonstrate where. Put them in examples such as: XXXXA1, XXXXA2, XXXXA3A7, etc...

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I tried that and in alterations and it didn't work, still got that same message


I get the feeling you didn't download the file. Not judging, but seems you can make those messages without it.

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The problem is exactly what the error message says: Sprite COMPB is missing some rotations. Namely, you provide rotations 1, 2 and 8, but not rotations 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. As soon as the parser finds a sprite named COMPB1 in the wad, it will look for COMPB sprites with all numbers from 1 to 8, in order to cover full 360 degrees of angles that the sprite might be viewed from. If some rotations can't be found, it throws an error.

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The problem is actually not related to DECORATE at all - that is, even if your DECORATE lump didn't exist, the problem would take effect. It's a matter of how (G)ZDoom initializes sprites upon engine startup, purely based on their lump names. See https://zdoom.org/wiki/Sprite.

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