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Uploaded since last week:


Remain 1 uv-max
The darkening ep2 uv-max
Crusades uv-max
Real world uv-speed
Real world uv-max
The ultimate NMD uv-max
Whitemare uv-max
Armadosia uv-max
Jenesis uv-max
Phobos - relive the nightmare uv-max
Hellbound uv-max
The classic episode uv-speed
The darkening uv-speed
The darkening uv-max
Real world 2 nm-speed
Real world 2 uv-max
Real world 2 uv-speed
1 monster uv-max
The brotherhood of ruin uv-max
Survive in hell uv-max
CH retro episode uv-max
Coffee break episode 1 uv-max
Diet 32in24 uv-max
Diet 32in24 uv-speed
Strain uv-max
Sector 666 uv-max
Slayer uv-max
Icarus uv-max
Demonfear uv-max (later today)


total: approximately 3865 videos at 324 hours
with 38518 views at 97429 minutes (67.6 days) or an average of 2:31 per view.


I'll do perditions gate soon, other than that I think this should cover most notable wads with nearly filled tables. Also I'll try to update the earlier post of which demos are missing in some tables, and I'll probably stop posting here every week with updates now.

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fixed, thanks, I'll upload uv-max by tomorrow.


edit: uv-max also uploaded, perditions gate (uv-max,fast,speed,pacifist,nm-speed,nm100) should be up by Tuesday.

Edited by ZeroMaster010

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Perditions gate uv-fast,uv-max,uv-speed,uv-pacifist,nm-speed and nm100s have been uploaded.


total: approximately 4056 videos at 333 hours
with 42139 views at 106833 minutes (74.2 days) or an average of 2:32 per view


Here's a list (updated 2017-10-30) of demos that are missing for the playlists I have uploaded. I might still have missed some, specially wads that have a different number of maps from the standard 30+2,8+1, or perhaps nm100s (either not done or no secrets) or some 15s,31s demos.


A few of them might have zdoom demos or legacy (tvr!.wad and rw.wad) demos and some might be on an older version of the wad, I'm not uploading those so if you can replace any please do. Some might also be impossible to do, there has been some cases where there are no monsters to make a uv-max, let me know and I'll upload the uv-speed instead.


scythe 2 uv-speed: 24,25,27
speed of doom uv-speed: 17,24,25,27,32,33
sunlust uv-speed: 15,16,27,29,30
congestion 1024 uv-max: 30
d2twid uv-max: 08,09,10,13,15,16,18,20,25,27,28
ultimate doom pacifist: e4m6
alien vendetta nm-speed: 13,14,16,27,28
tnt pacifist: 05,08,09,26
hell revealed uv-speed: 20,22,23,29
going down uv-max: 02,14,15,17,21,22,23,25,29
plutonia 2 uv-max: 25
plutonia tyson: 30
tnt tyson: 30
resurgence uv-max: 09,20,29,30
cchest 4 uv-max: 32
memento mori 2 uv-speed: 28
unholy realms uv-speed: 08,27,28,31
dimensions of time uv-speed: 07
icarus uv-speed: 11,16,20,29
1994 tune up uv-max: 22,23,25
10 sectors uv-max: 16
2002 ado uv-speed: e1m4,e2m4,e2m7,e2m5,e3m4,e3m5,e3m6s,e3m7,e3m8,e4m2,e4m2s,e4m3,e4m5,e4m7,e4m8
3ha3 uv-max: 15,20,26
jpcp uv-max: 10,22,29,30,32
3hafinal uv-max: 5,16
3ha2 uv-max: 16,24,25,26,27
rw uv-max: 06,08,14,16,17,19
jenesis uv-max: 03,12
darken uv-speed: 05
dmonfear uv-max: 31
perdgate pacifist: 02,03,04,06,07,11,12,26,27,29
perdgate nm-speed: 31s
tvr uv-speed: 09,15,31s,17,32


If you are considering doing any then you should double check that it is actually missing and possible to do.

Edited by ZeroMaster010

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Legacy's physics is very different from vanilla or Boom, you may treat them like ZDoom demos. This port was popular years ago.

Sunlust you meant MAP25, not MAP26 MAP26 UV Speed exists

Icarus MAP30 I believe UV Speed = UV Max as there are no monsters and the only secret is unavoidable @Grazza correct pls if I'm wrong

Strain MAP07, MAP32 I don't know what's the problem. MAP32 has 2 demos with a note in the .txt file. MAP07 (2:01) doesn't desynch for me, check this thread and check your spechits overflow settings. I have "try to emulate it -> YES" (Options - General - Emulation)



Edited by vdgg

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thanks for the corrections!


strain demos are working now, which is so strange to me since as far as I can tell everything is identical to the last time I tried (I would remember changing something like the spechits overflow settings), but obviously that isn't true.


looks like I missed sunlust map 26, so I'll upload those and edit the post above.

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On 10/8/2017 at 9:45 AM, ZeroMaster010 said:

1monster uv-max: 09,24

These levels don't have any monsters (besides lost souls and icon of sin spawns).  Map 09 has one secret which the current UV-Speed record gets.  Map 24 has no secrets.

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Thanks for the effort. Oh god, I saw those my early Disjunction runs, and I feel so bad. I hope Player177 could destroy them more :D

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