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Ever thought about working for a gaming company?

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It depends on the company and it depends on the position.  My area of expertise is programming but I worked as a tester at a major publisher for three years and it left a bitter taste in my mouth.  It wasn't the job, I loved what I did, but my quality of life was poor and so was the work environment.  Honestly, unless you need the pay/benefits or are a rock star at what you do, and can call your own shots, I would recommend going independent.  I had zero drive to work on my own stuff after spending 2 hours in the car and 14 hours at work waiting on some miracle build to fix how terribly broken the game currently was.  (I was also on the certification team and had to constantly defend my work and explain why certain things needed to be fixed otherwise we couldn't ship.)

Edited by KainXavier : I wanted to reword a sentence to better explain my point.

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If I were to work for a small team like what id and Raven used to be in the 90's, I'd love to be a apart of something like that.

From what I've read in Masters of Doom and hearing stories from devs like Apogee and Epic, it seems to be funner or at least more engaging and it shows through most final products.

The big companies deter me though, modern id seems to have it's issues with being acquired by Bethesda and being apart of Zenimaxs empire. 

I'm not against all big companies, I just wouldn't like to be a part of them as a lot of them seem to deter originality and self expression.

My formation on this is just through what I've seen in behind the scenes, interviews, and various final products. I'm aware my vision could be skewed.

That said I still stand by the idea of doing work with smaller teams with a clear goal or vision, it would take some convincing for me to join a bigger company.

Maybe if id wanted to do a Sonic Mania type thing for Doom.  

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