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Okay. Final resting place of my site. ;P

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Okay.. I moved again to spare you all the popups and ads.

I'll prolly have to move again when I run out of space though.
But that shouldnt be for a few months.

I'm currently working on the next green pile comic. It shouldnt be too much longer.. maybe out next week.


I'm also going to the a sketch today. First serious request of a single monster will get done and be posted by end of the day.

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Bloody hell dude, this is some good stuff!

You're making me want to get round to some doom art of my own...

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... heh hehheheheehh... He he hehehheheheheh... That is SO COOL! and hissy is so cute...

/me giggles like a school girl

God damnit! I'm going to be grinning like an idiot for days now.

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