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Your Vision of Hell?

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hell is devil


full of voices , torment, torture


and much lava :D


and yes castles, black bricks :D

Edited by Gaia74 : for other idea :v

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I hate maps that wanna show they're hell so everything in them is red.

Red stones, red bricks, red sky... etc. (Deus vult 2 has great hell maps but as i said, too much "hell" sometimes).

I agree hell maps should have red, but you can combined other collors like green bricks or maybe tech texture to make your hell map more diverse.

If you ask me...

Green bricks temples with metal and red stones with lava is my favorite combination for hell map.

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I always pictured hell as a very dark, cold and damp place. There are huge mountains of rock and ice. It is completely silent and no other thing to interact with. So the punishment is basically wandering around lost and alone forever.

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I described my vision of Hell in great detail in a self-published novel called Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors. It's based on Dante's Inferno, but without god or the devil. The afterlife is instead a bureaucracy of daemons and gods, and everyone goes to hell for at least a little while to work off any pettiness they had in life. Usually you work jobs in a realm almost identical to earth, and your income tax goes toward your Paradise Ticket. When it's paid off, you get your ticket, and can head off to greener pastures...usually just as riddled with bureaurcracy and divine pettiness.


Oh yeah, the book is also a comedy, if you can believe that.


Living Conditions on the First Circle



"You got me run over by a garbage truck!  I had flashbacks o' my first death for the rest o' the day!"


"Considering how you died on earth, I would've thought you had learned to look both ways before running into the street."


"You--!"  Friday clenched and flailed her fists, her mouth clamped shut in a red-faced grimace.  When she calmed down enough to form coherent words again, she said, "My apartment sucks!"




"It's too small, and it smells, and the bathwater's too harsh on my delicate skin, and I thought there wuzza rat in the kitchen at first, and then I saw it one night and it wasn't no rat, 'cos o' course there's no rats in Hell, o' course it's some horrible thing that transcends the very concept o' rats, and it leaves slime everywhere and eats my food, and I can't get rid o' the bastard, and I told my landlord, and he said, 'So buy it a collar and name it,' and between the not-rat-thing and what an asshole my landlord is, I ain't slept in three days!"


Dr. Holiday blinked.


"Say somethin'!" shouted Friday.


"You're in Hell," said Dr. Holiday.  "What'd you expect, the Hyatt?"


"You're not takin' me seriously!"


"Cue 'breaking news' quip.  Exactly what could I do, anyway?  You take the hand you're dealt down here, and you were dealt a shoddy flat in the Himmler Barrens."


"What you can do is march up to that bull-headed douche in City Hall and tell 'im to move me to the gated community on Paris Hilton Boulevard.  The people're nice there, and the water ain't swill."



Meeting the Locals



"What's a Fleggie?" said Gabe, wringing the filth-water from his hoodie into a gnarled potted plant near the lobby doors.  When the plant twitched and growled in protest, he leapt back ten feet, uttering a string of terrified gibberish.


"Fleggies, or Flegs," said Dr. Holiday, "are the goat-people of the fiery Phlegethon River.  They're natives of the city of Dis, but they're employed as menial servants all over the realm."


"Child-minded tricksters," grumbled Dead Edna, "and the biggest horndogs in all the cosmos."


"Sexy con artists make the perfect serving staff for a casino, don't you think?"


Gabe pictured a fuzzy mountain goat standing on its hind legs, wearing a bikini and holding a serving tray cluttered with beer glasses.  He laughed.


If the biggest casino in the world had a Black Friday sale, the resulting chaos would look a lot like the Palace of Vice interior.  It was greed incarnate: everything was obscenely lavish, and those patrons who weren't tripping over each other to cash their chips were fighting over buckets of coins and eventually being ejected by the monstrous bouncers.  The main lobby was a wall-to-wall sea of blinking, singing slot machines and flatscreen TV's displaying horse races, boxing matches, and live Twitter and Facebook feeds where gamblers bragged endlessly about their winnings.  Dr. Holiday's entourage walked down a wide hallway plastered with posters for various musicians, comedians, and burlesque shows: it led into an overpopulated all-you-can-eat restaurant where people gorged themselves with reckless abandon.


The serving girl who approached them couldn't have been older than twenty.  Gabe was taken aback by her big almond-shaped eyes, smooth golden-brown skin, and hourglass figure that seemed ready to burst out of her costume: a low-cut 1920s burlesque outfit complete with a lacy choker.  Most shocking of all were the ears -- long, pointed, and falling somewhere between 'animal' and 'elf' -- and the short, pointed goat horns crowning her head.  The name tag on her generous chest read 'Daria'.


"Welcome to the Palace of Vice!" said the Fleg in a musical voice, smiling through a set of perfect white teeth.  "Indulge your vices for insanely low prices!  Can I get you anything?  Drinks, perhaps?"


Gabe's lungs screamed for air, and he finally remembered to breathe again when the doctor nudged him.  Daria giggled.


"Duke Mammon is expecting us," said the doctor.  "We're Bishop & Holiday."


"Oh!  Yes, of course.  He's having dinner now, if you care to join him."


"We'd love to," said Dr. Holiday, ignoring Dead Edna's frantically shaking head.


"Follow me!" said Daria, winking at Gabe, who made like Shemp yet again.  "He's also prepared a room for you, by the way.  Free of charge."


"That's suspiciously thoughtful of him."



Conversation on the Lust Circle



Asmodeus dropped his towel without warning and stepped back into the bath, turning around before he submerged to provide Dead Edna with the answer to her earlier question.  She diverted her eyes from the erect member, but everywhere she looked was lewdness and nudeness.


"Strip," said Asmodeus, spreading his muscular arms along the bath's lip.  "Hop in.  The water's divine."


"No, thank you."


"Then why did you come?"


"I came because the Mad Prince had a bit of a boner," said Dead Edna, immediately regretting her choice of words.


Asmodeus grinned and moved to her side of the pool, folding his arms on the tile at her feet.  "And you think this boner is something I can handle?"


"We're trying to get the jerk off, but he made out with--" She caught herself, closed her eyes, held her hands erect and shook them in frustration. "--made off with a living person's body, which is now going to be frozen stiff on Circle Nine."


"Unless you get him off."


Dead Edna rolled her eyes.  "Yes.  The milquetoast pussy always pulls this kind of dickery.  We were total boobs to take this job."


"Well, if your problem is boobs and dickery, you've come to the right place.  How do you want me to help you get him off?"


"Bishop & Holiday would appreciate it if you could grease a few pecs for us.  Wheels.  Grease a few wheels.  And even after he's brought off, we'll have a whole new mess on our hands.  I mean in our laps."  She hung her head.  "For fuck's sake...Anyway, that's what's eating me."


"It's not eating you enough."  The horse-headed archdaemon winked at her.



Average Day in Limburb



Russ paid for his hot dogs -- three Chicago dogs with all the fixin's -- and was walking back to the outdoor coffee shop table where Friday and the band were sitting, shooting the breeze.  He had heard the car crash as he was waiting for the hot dogs: around the corner from the next stop light a block away, and several blocks up the street to his left.  Halfway back to the table, dodging around bustling Limburbians, he heard the second car crash, preceded by the long, agonized screech of tires on asphalt.  By the third crash he had stopped and was staring at the corner around which the racket had come, and he noticed Friday and the others were also staring, when they weren't exchanging concerned looks.  Then the screams became audible, and fleeing pedestrians of all races and species came flooding around the corner and up the street.


Russ was suddenly reminded of every Ray Harryhausen monster movie he'd ever seen: the colossal, three-headed pitbull puppy lumbered into view, a squealing blonde in his center mouth, a car in each of the other two.  The car in the right mouth still had its driver inside, screaming incoherently and clinging to the steering wheel.


All three heads were sniffing the air greedily.  The dog slowly turned its six fiery eyes toward Russ, who stood rooted to the spot with his hot dogs in hand.  The dog sniffed again.  Its tail began to wag, rattling the nearby light posts.


It gently set down the cars, then the woman (who immediately fled), then trotted over to Russ and sat in front of him, smashing three vacant tables and their respective chairs to splinters under its tremendous weight.  Four more tables (with four chairs each) went flying in every direction as its wagging tail swept them away, one chair becoming embedded in the window of a passing bus, which careened off the road and crashed into the large fountain across the street from the coffee shop.  All six of the monstrous pitbull's eyes were on Russ's hands.


Russ looked up at the giant puppy, then down at the three hot dogs in his hands, then back up at the puppy.


The puppy reared back on its hind legs, raised its forepaws, and whined.


Unsure of what else to do, Russ set the three hot dogs on the pavement spaced four feet apart, then backed away.  Each of the puppy's heads seized a hot dog and gulped it down like a giant, furry vacuum.  It stared at Russ as if waiting for another serving, rearing back and whining again.

Russ showed his hands were empty.


The puppy huffed.  It sniffed the ground, walked in a circle, and laid on the pavement.  Its noses were a foot away from Russ, sniffing him with the force of a black hole.  The middle head bowled him over with its tongue.  Then it closed its eyes and started to doze off.


Until the tanks showed up.


Edited by Impie

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One thing I wish was that Doom/Doom 2 had more stock hell textures and props. In some ways Doom 64 captured it the best in terms of classic Doom games.

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Stuff that really fucks with your head and changes while you're not looking and preys on your fears is what hell truly would be imo

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14 hours ago, SavageCorona said:

Stuff that really fucks with your head and changes while you're not looking and preys on your fears is what hell truly would be imo

Event Horizon, in other words :-)

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Not fire and brimstone like it's commonly depicted. I've always seen it as a real surrealist state, full of things not inherently sinister but perverted by the sheer absurdity of its surroundings and the nature of Hell itself.

I like to see that in Hell maps too. Excessive use of red textures or traditional imagery often associated with Hell isn't very interesting to me. Dreamlike lunacy with unpredictable twists is what really draws me in.

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A twisted landscape full of castles and gothic cathedrals, cities that resemble real world architecture of bygone civilizations (think a demonic aztec temple or old japanese village), with as much lava as there's water in our world, a giant black sun with an unhealthy brown sky, corpses of ancient creatures littered about, signs of a once advanced civilization that's now gone.


Demons would take the form of evils in different cultures, like how there's the Baron of Hell who depicts the classic goat demon, there can be a Rakshasa or Djinn demon.

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I imagine it as a neverending bad dream. Think of all the ways that your own mind has been able to fuck with you. That but forever and with infinitely new and insidious ways to destroy what is left of your mental health.


Every day is a new way to be punished with visions of death and failure, maybe you'll see your girlfriend that hell convinced you was dead years(what even is time to a hell-resident?) ago, only to have her scream in pain and die as you embrace her, and you're left holding her entrails and skull, bits of her beautiful auburn hair stuck to your skin with her guts adorning the concrete as onlookers gasp and a new horror comes around the corner as you "wake up" only to have this next chapter more horrific than the last that you just "awoke" from.


It's a distorted, nonsensical land like the one YukiHerz described, but tailored to you. You're all alone in it, for interaction would offer some solace. It breaks you in new imaginative ways every single 'day" with methods and events that you have basically come up with for yourself.


Nobody else's worst nightmares are enough for you. You make your own. Hell is different for everyone. For some it includes monsters and demons chasing and prodding them forever, for others it involves the repeated loss and torture of loved ones or their own body, and for others it might be something worse than all of them. Maybe they force you to watch the slow destruction of a puppy and a little girl at the same time only for them to be fused into one ungodly hellspawn that you're forced to live with throughout the rest of your punishments, and then once you start to like it it is brutally murdered in front of you.


Anyway, that's my thoughts on what hell is. Well, actually, I don't believe in hell. I'm an asatruar; but I do write death metal lyrics, so this kind of imagination is good(?)




(P.S.) Maybe hell is just hanging out with this dude and it's not even all that bad. God has a much higher kill-count than Satan after all. Ever hear of Satan's wrath flooding and killing millions?


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On 8/14/2017 at 2:23 PM, GoatLord said:

Hell is not a place that you teleport to instantly. It is a gradual dissolution of both the cognitive and the physical. As your concept of self spreads to everything around you, confusion and fear take hold. Everywhere one looks, an orgy of pleasure and pain emerges, the two states so intertwined as to become ambiguously described. You not only experience the simultaneous orgasms and endless suffering of each organism, but also the literality of being a pile of human shit, rotting carcasses, severed genitalia, aborted embryonic lumps, prolapsed anuses. Everything is alive, and yet is constantly dying, the consciousness of all matter being an inescapable and indefinite reality. Everything is made of everything else, with no distinction between animate and inanimate.  

Dude... You like death metal too? What band gave you this image?

>inb4 Cannibal corpse

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My Hell is a hollow desert with one building only, hidden in sand mountain, waiting a moment to reveal what it contains inside. No one live there, exept one demon, walking for answer to one question: WHY DID GOD FUCKED UP ALMOST ALL FROM WHOLE BEGGINING.

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There are several depictions of Hell in the Doom games.  The red rock and lava style is the most common as it's the original one from ep3. It's fine as long as you don't use red excessively. The skin & orange lava style with tech inserts skillsaw used in valiant is an alternative that amazed me and I'd like to see more of this kind. Then there's the muddy and cold lower hell,  the ancient looking quake-textured dark place,  and the surreal, often void-based top hell where reality becomes warped by the presence of evil. One can build a hierarchy of Hell using this concept, all are valid choices as long as you don't go overboard with them.

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I imagine hell to be vast landmasses of flesh and blood. with seven large landmasses all based around the seven deadly sins and each person punished is sent to their most prominent sin they have committed. And they're all working towards finally breaching into the real world. or something, I'm not sure really just rambling.

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Personally I feel that the spawn comics have the best rendition of Hell, and personally my idea of it would be very similar. Hell would not be an outwardly evil place (i.e. no fire, brimstone, lava etc.) but a warped world, where nothing is truly as it seems, and filled with deceiving evil creatures out to kill, eat and enslave you. Hell would be filled with deception. Perhaps you find a doorway back to earth and you step through it. It would all seem so real, and perhaps you would be in this faux earth for a life time, and then it would all shatter before your eyes, and before you know it, you're back in hell. Hell and it's denizens would prey upon your weaknesses and fears. It would be true torment, always changing, always moving on to a new, raw, part of your psyche. When you would finally reach the point where hell could torment you no more, it would reset your mind, refreshed, but still with enough of your previous memies to realize where you were and how long you've been tortured.


Hell, in my mind, is the moment after waking up from a euphoric and immersing dream, it's all so real, but then you wake back up, and you want to go back to your perfect paradise, but you'll never be able to go back. There is no escape from this cruel, cold realm, and the hope that there might be a way to escape makes the reality of it all the more painful. You have to be on top, to fall to the bottom.


Another thing Hell would do is break you. Turn you cold and hardened. Shedding your previous values and reasoning would be the only escape, and through your shedding of values, hell would mold you into a demon. When you begin to actively seek out and try to destroy hell's machinations you would begin to turn into one of it's very own demons. An unfeeling, uncaring, rage fuelled being of violence and evil.

Edited by Lt.Blam

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I started with a simple concept of Hell. Earth is the realm of law, Hell is the realm of chaos.


In fact, its so chaotic it's split into several realms, which demons ruling over each one. Captured souls and the size of the realm determine the power of the ruling demon. Oftentimes areas are outright stolen from Earth to serve as part of a realm, changed to the demon's liking. The more powerful ones are able to create places from scratch. 


The evil Hell we know is merely one of the realms of Hell, though one of the largest and most infamously sadistic, the ruling demon of Hell enjoys torturing his captured souls and enslaving them into his abomination army. Infighting occurs often, deception is commonplace. He has subjugated other demons before him.


The warping of things that came from Earth is an effect of the demons corrupting them with chaos. A ship that goes to hell and back, for instance, would seem have a mind of its own, i.e. Event Horizon, due to a demon warping its own realm's realities into the ship.


Things don't often make sense in the dimensions of chaos, but it works. And the people who live in them thrive off the chaos. The madness of some people induced by hell? Part of it is a PTSD, part of it is the brain going insane, but sometimes its the people giving in to the chaos, to become and embody chaos themselves. In some realms people are being tormented, but in others that's simply how they live their lives. Chaotic.



This isn't what I really believe, but this is what I imagine hell as when I write my stories.

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According to me, Hell should be more of a dark and witty place covered with deeply dark hallways and rusted metal and broken bones. Most of Hell's architecture make me think of skulls, so i prefer to have skulls almost everywhere. But I assure you, I don't think of reddish flames and hot lava when it comes to me thinking of Hell. To simplify, Hell is a dark abyss of torture, discrimination and derangement to the trapped souls.

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In Doom, hell can be whatever the mapper wants it to be, I always like seeing how others interpret Hell.

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wel because of the music that i use to listen to i imagined all of the ways in the start. yes we can all agree that in games now n days like DOOM 2016 makes hell look pretty cool but its actually a terrible place and its in the Bible anyway but yah that what i think of as hell.

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Being trapped in a Walmart, forced to work there until the end of days.

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It will probably be along the lines of Doom 64's intepretation of Hell since Hell would most likely be an enormous place so not everywhere would look the same.


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On ‎8‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 5:49 PM, silentzorah said:

We all have our own different ideas on what Hell should be; what sort of Hell maps do you prefer?  Are they cavernous, with numerous pits of lava, echoing with cries of the damned?  Fleshy or rocky outdoor hellscapes, with rivers of blood?  Or maybe you have a more refined taste in damnation, preferring ancient gothic castles with beautiful architecture, but loaded with traps.


Or, maybe you're just that sick bastard that prefers low-poly brimstone environments, packed with tens of thousands of Revenants.


Me, I've always been partial to rocky outdoor hellscapes, complete with ancient castles, as seen in Z-Pack.  But, occasionally, I love to dive into void-style Hell maps.  Things like what you might find late into Valiant, with pools of lava suspended in a black abyss.


But what's your preference?  Share what really makes you feel what Hell should be.

I've always thought it would be interesting if someone made a Hell map where you genuinely felt alone. It's pitch black, and only the occasional enemy would appear, and you felt no sense of direction. You'd always be low on health and ammunition, and you'd always hear sounds and footsteps but never figure out where they lead. Sure it may not be the best gameplay, but it's interesting take on Hell.

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In terms of Doom, I'd say Doom 64 has the best presentation of hell in my opinion. The creepy labyrinths full of traps and disturbing little details combined with Aubrey Hodges' absolutely dreadful ambient music makes for one hell of an experience. There are unholy cathedrals and simply places you wouldn't want to wander around in the dark. Hell actually feels like a horrible place you wouldn't want to be stuck in from Doom 64. 

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Hell? Hell's only a word. The reality, is much worse. A dimension of pure chaos. Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

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