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3D Models & converting

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Hi everyone,
Im currently finishing up solace dreams and as we speak my hired artist is making concept arts while i make the scripts for my next ultra wad. I will be moving away from voxels this time around so i need some info on 3d models with gzdoom. Its been nearly 5 years since i last used models in doom and im wondering if conversion from OBJ to MD3 has been made any simpler. I remember needing to download milkshape 3d and using Q3 to convert my objs but im hoping those days are history. Can someone link me to any decent apps i could use or custom scripts for blender3d, and maybe a sample .wad file i can have with a simple model i could use as example.

1 more thing, does gzdoom models finaly support "brightmaps", "renderstyles", "alpha maps and transparency" .
and do i need to still export each animated frame individually like with voxels?

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