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Eric the Sandvich

Step by step process for using custom textures?

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Currently I'm wanting to use custom textures for my wad, however most tutorials I see aren't clear enough for my stupid head, and I live in a place where internet is very limited so the only sites I can really go to easily are Doomworld and other simple sites.


Can someone give me a step-by-step process of what a texture image has to be, and how to use them in my wad. I've already been able to replace sprites and make actors so I'm not a total noob at wad making.


I want to be able to use textures and flats.


I use Slade with zDoom. 

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How to use flats
You simply add them between FF_START/FF_END or F_START/F_END markers. That's it. They have to have 64x64 size.

How to add textures
Various techniques are available. Which one you choose is upto you. Lets go with vanilla.

WADs have a thing called TEXTURE1 lump in them. The format of this lump is

* MYPATCH1 x1 y1
* MYPATCH2 x2 y2

MYTEX is the name of the texture that appears in a map editor. MYPATCH1 and MYPATCH2 are two graphics files that make up MYTEX. They are NOT textures. Warning: names have to be 8 characters or less!

Here MYTEX is given a size of x width and y height. Consider MYTEX as an empty canvas now, with a size of x width and y height exactly. MYPATCH1 is placed at the coordinates (x1,y1) and then MYPATCH2 is placed on (x2,y2). Together, at those specific points, they make a "texture" called MYTEX. If parts of the patches go beyond MYTEX's defined size (x and y units), then those parts get excluded/cut off from MYTEX.


SKY5 512 128
* SKY5A 0 0
* SKY5B 256 0
* MOON 224 32

Creates a SKY5 texture with a size of 512x128 using SKY5A and SKY5B patches of size 256x128 and a MOON patch of size 64x64 is in center (if I'm correct).
Too much?

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I want to know what patches are, just to know what this mysterious thing this.


(Edit: I'm wrapping my head around this thing: Different graphic files come together, going on top of others or not, to make a graphic to be used in a doom editor.)

Edited by Eric the Sandvich

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On 8/15/2017 at 1:41 AM, Eric the Sandvich said:

I want to know what patches are, just to know what this mysterious thing this.

It seems like you've discovered what patches are, but I'll just throw in some background. In DooM & DooM2, id wanted to manage/minimize the overall game size. One way they found to do that is to create graphics "patches" that could be combined with other patches, to create "textures". These patches could be used in multiple textures. In this way, they were not duplicating the use of those patches (and multiplying the corresponding file size).

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