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Are there any tools that can find the difference between two WADs?


I have two WAD files. They are around the same size and are two different versions of the same mod. The changes between the two versions are not significant. I would need an utility that can scan every lump in the wads to find the lump(s) that differ. Does any tool have this functionality?


If no such tool exists, is there an utility that can extract every lump to a folder? I guess DeuTex could do it. I could then write a script that would do the comparisons by itself. I would prefer to know if an utility can already do this automatically before I do it by myself.



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I'm not entirely sure it worked fine with SLADE, so instead I decided to:


Extract both WADs in two different directories with DeuTex:

deutex -doom2 ~/doom2.wad -xtract 1/wad.wad
deutex -doom2 ~/doom2.wad -xtract 2/wad.wad

Then I generated MD5 for every file:

find 1/ -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > 1.txt
find 2/ -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > 2.txt

And I used colordiff to compare both after I removed the different directory name from both text files:

colordiff 1.txt 2.txt

There were no difference in the lumps. There were differences in the WAD itself. I checked using vbindiff and it seems a few bytes were different and there was some empty space between the data which moved some data further in the file.


@Voros I will open a feature request on GitHub. I would really like this feature to be added into DeuTex.


Thank you both for your answers.

EDIT: I have opened an issue on DeuTex's GitHub repo.

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Such a feature should be added into DeuTex. Or at the very least, extracting the contents of a WAD in one folder (which is possible. Just change the name of the folder, it'll be extracted in, inside the extract function. Along with some checks to ensure normal extraction is also possible)

For starters say

deutex -compare 1.wad 2.wad

Is done. It'll scan 1.wad and list out several things for each lump, such as filesize, then scan 2.wad and compare the results with 1.wad's results and display the results like

Lump    1           2
D_E1M1  109340      109678

For filesize, along with other information.

This would be a really neat addition.

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SLADE can, in a roundabout way. Load one as the base resource. Then load the other normally. Then use the maintenance option to remove entries unmodified from the IWAD. You'll be left with only different entries, marker lumps, and maps. (Maps are harder to compare since they're made of several lumps, so this check just ignores them.)

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As for extracting every lump to a folder, there's this.

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