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Tool for map projections

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Is there a tool which allows me to create projections of maps out of a wad like this: E1M1.jpg ?

I would be very thankful for any input concerning this topic!

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Well you can use SLADE to save an image of the map view (similar to automap). It's not 3-D like above though.

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Or GZDoom Builder's Visual Mode? Before scrolling high above the map turn Preferences/Interface/View distance to max 9000 mp.






Or try exporting the map from GZDB as wavefront.obj and then open it in some 3D editing program.

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thank you for your answers, my original idea was also using slade and make a screenshot in 3D mode.

the problem here is that this will result into a perspective projection and not like in the image above a orthographic projection (what I need).

additionally since I want to do this with a lot of maps this procedure would take ages.

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