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The "stupid mod idea" thread

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On 18.08.2017 at 0:48 AM, galileo31dos01 said:

You know, a mod in which you can select anyone of the doom bestiary, including some of the most popular custom enemies like the afrit, and be that enemy. Just imagine, you select an imp and can only throw fireballs, walk at slow speed, and die easily. Or select a cacodemon and fly to unreachable areas. An archvile so no one will aim at you on purpose. A cyberdemon and basically rush your enemies. Or a spiderdemon and, cannot even get out of the first room...

Again, there are lots of mods like that, tough i don't think playing as custom monsters has been done before.

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All ceilings can crush at random.


Pheromone Doom: You have no way to attack instead you spray enemies to get them to attack and kill one another.


Gentleman Doom: where each enemy has a bow tie and top hat on.


Bullet reflection: Player bullets cannot hurt enemies UNLESS they bounce off walls. Enemy bullets can still hurt player.... and bounce off walls. Shoot an enemy without bouncing the bullet off the wall and they shoot a rocket at you.


Ultra Nightmare: Enemies regenerate health after 1 second of not being damaged. However, to keep the player from just running past everything, the player is also 25 - 50% slower.


Only killing stops the pain: Doomguy takes damage every second he hasn't dealt damage to an enemy.


Twitch Doom: Insults show up on screen belittling the player / Doomguy, but a 1 in 100% chance results in a $10 donation.


Map is inverted: The map is either flipped horizontally, vertically or both each time the player looks at the map.


Star Trek Doom: Only its full of Star Wars character, but there's an Enterprise map.


Anger Rising: Taking damage builds up a rage meter. Once the rage happens you go berserk and are forced to punch things. If you don't punch things within a certain time you take damage.


Keys are replaced with Doomguy heads... why not all enemies have Doomguy heads?


Each successful damage to an enemy results in a random chance of a split second game freeze. The time duration is up to half a second.


Love is in the air: Everything is pink. Walls are pink, enemies are pink, power ups are pink. Not different shades of pink... the same shade.

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a recreation of the Cave of Trials from Star Ocean 2


With scripting, most of the puzzles could be recreated fairly closely and custom monsters can show up for the boss fights.  Food god, for instance, could be reworked by feeding it bullets instead (triggering multiple gunshot switches until the door opens)  Powerups and weapons can even go in the places treasure chests are in the original.  So why is this so terrible?


- One wall texture for the whole cave other than plaques and the Food God.  It changes color from floors 10 to 13, whee.  Floor is mostly the same story but has a bit more variety.

- Uninspired monster placement.  It would be dialed in for the unscripted stuff.

- Layout doesn't make for interesting gameplay.  Well, that's just my opinion but a faithful recreation of the layout runs into the same issues as myhouse and myoffice maps, they're not necessarily interesting to move through.

- Some may call BS on the puzzles.  And then there are the walk-through walls.

- Progression will irritate people in a faithful recreation.  To enter floor 12 in the source game requires exiting the cave and coming in with a two person party (out of a full party of 4).  Recreating that in the Doom engine would be done by placing a switch outdoors by the entrance that is only accessible after progressing through floor 11.  Who likes totally arbitrary backtracking?

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On 17/8/2017 at 11:35 PM, Rifle Infantry said:

A mod where the player is a Zombieman.


That includes painfully slow speed, a rifle with a 22.5 degree spread, having to stop and aim for 10 tics before firing, only 20 points of health, inability to pick up any weapons, and infinite ammo for your rifle mercifully.


Also, when you die, you drop a bullet clip.

You know that I had the same idea for a mod?

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All walls and floors either change textures at random or are HOMs, monsters change type if when you aren't looking at them, all your guns shoot the wrong ammo (Shotgun shoots plasma, fist shoots shells, etc.), terribly distorted Vietnam-era music plays very loudly and you can't turn the volume down, the monsters occasionally say nonsense shit to you, Screen blurs from time to time, and the automap never shows the right layout, just a bunch of colored lines that sometimes spell out words.

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Phobos comics and cosplay (or DoomCon): a Doom level sets on a nerd / geek conference with various stands that sell you items and stuff, monsters in cosplay and many other things and people you see in your usual comic con...


Gachumuchi Doom: you are the Aniki, a legendary half naked hero that fights other muscular monsters with wrestling moves. Fatalities are pretty spicy.

just think of h-doom but gay


The social nightmare: something like "dw forums adventure" but in the world of Facebook and other social media sites

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On 19.08.2017 at 7:12 AM, geo said:


Star Trek Doom: Only its full of Star Wars character, but there's an Enterprise map.


I think there was an Enterprise map and a Star Wars reskin mod, so this was kind of already made.

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A megawad that only uses the default texture and the two default flats.

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A Doom mod that's just an Atari 2600 emulator inside of Doom II

Edit: It's not even good Atari games, you get Pac-man, Save Mary, and E.T.


Edited by SouthPaw

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On 8/16/2017 at 2:02 AM, GuyNamedErick said:

The Sky May Be 2.

Something of a homage would be graet. But a proper The Sky May Be 2 is not possible to craete. The goal of The Sky May Be was to craete the most odd/special/unique thing possible. It used to be possible to achieve full potential back in the day. Today, literally everything is possible. So it can't quite be done. But how about a mod that just goes far beyond everything that we see today? Sounds doable and fun! But I don't like to work hard. I stick to twice as unique as your average mod, maybe 5 times as unique, if one can maesure it.

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On 8/23/2017 at 10:02 PM, Royal_Sir said:

Spec Ops: The Line Doom

I began craeting a mapset using Spec Ops: The Line soundtrack. It was going to be profound, but I forgot half of the storyline. Now all I have is MAPINFO with no maps, and I just wonder who's the "Volcano Boy".

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Savage Doom. It is a gameplay mod for the video game Doom. It adds many features such as ragdoll physics, gibs, blood splatter, stealth kills, headshots, fatalities, improved AI. Doom like you've never seen it!

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On 8/15/2017 at 10:35 PM, Voltcom9 said:

I have a couple terrible ideas...


-Brutal Shadow of the Wool Ball

-Brutal John Romero Skittles

-Brutal the Sky May Be

-Brutal HDoom

Nice ideas Voltcom9, i think one of your ideas "Brutal Shadow of the Wool Ball" is great, and i had an idea too.

My idea is going to be called, Brutal Rise of the Wool Ball.

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1) A megawad in which all the enemies are Archviles. All weapons, ammo, health, armour and other items can only be accessed via AV jumps.


2) A megawad in which one plays as the Icon Of Sin.



Edited by Summer Deep

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4 hours ago, SOSU said:

More necroposting .___.,

I don't really see why that's such a big deal :P

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Hey remember that time Linguica bumped the "Welcome to Doomworld" Thread? Good times. Good times.

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On 8/23/2017 at 5:49 PM, SOSU said:

A megawad that only uses the default texture and the two default flats.

I was thinking about making a community project based around using only startan after 4800 hell knights ends...

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I was just thinking of this thread. If someone didn't necropost it, I would have, because I'd hate to make a new thread.


Viscera Cleanup DOOMtail: Your job is to kill enemies then clean them up using mops, buckets and roombas.


Hatred DOOM: Black & White and Doomguy has long hair and the sprites are civilians.


Kitteh DOOM: No shooting only petting textures that are pictures of kittens. No enemies btw.


Whipswing DOOM: You've seen whips in Doom, but have you swung from things in DOOM?


Mario 2 DOOM: You've seen Mario DOOM... but have you seen Mario 2 DOOM where you're forced to pluck ammo out of the ground and launch it at enemies?


Gravity Puzzle DOOM: With the flip of a key, the entire level shifts or Doomguy's gravity shifts so the wall becomes the floor, the ceiling can become the floor. Think of the puzzles!!!


SplaDOOM: You need to paint more than the opposing team....  with enemy blood!!!!! Blood shot by team blue is blue. Blood shot by team red is red. Enemies explode into massive pools of blood so you're not just shooting at other players and trying to paint the floor.


DOOMball: There are no weapons, only DOOMball, a heavy, weighted ball that murders enemies, but you need to go fetch it. Puzzle blocks can also be useful with this mod.


Paper DOOMboy: Each level is on rails and is a paper route where DOOMboy must throw newspapers at enemies and into mailboxes. You're allowed to go faster and stop, but never go back or turn around.


Mortal DOOMbat: Its like Mortal Kombat and my other pitch of DOOM-Fu, but you select from 7 different characters each with 3 or so super powers so you still have distance attacks, but everything is tied to a mana bar. Spear to bring enemies closer, freeze attack, ball punch, lightning attack and so on... depending on the character.

Edited by geo

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Make a mod with an open world, orchestral soundtrack and an achievement system.

Make a mod that's just a copy of some classic level, but replace all the relevant textures to say "SJW" instead of "UAC". Don't actually make any other changes.

Convert all IWAD maps to UDMF and all IWAD graphics to 24 bit BMP. Don't make any other changes.

Make a mod where you have no weapons, but you can try finding more peaceful demons to drive the aggressive ones out of business.

Make a map with a good-looking starting area, and then start rapidly displaying uninteresting content after turning a corner.

Make a pem woop and turn it upside down.

I had various other ideas, but all of them very good instaed of bad, so I had to skip those.

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Make a Naked Gun movie intro for a map. You would be running around (uncontrolled) in various places, such as:


on a ski jump

the OJ car chase

in a hockey game as the puck

Tron lightcycle game

blood vessels

a typical cartoon chase where the same background repeats every half second

riding the bomb in Dr. Strangelove

Indiana Jones rock scene

Minas Tirith battle

Heroin Hero game

school of fish

first person view of a human cannonball, which shoots you to the start of map 1 of Doom 2, where the game progresses normally

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