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Sound Issue During Video Capture

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Download the 3 programs needed for video capture. Set my midi player to fluidsynth. Used the timedemo and viddump command  , and after a very very long wait , the final product/demo comes out with no sound or music . Here is my encode settings : 


cap_soundcommand          "oggenc2 -r -R %s -q 5 - -o output.ogg"
cap_videocommand          "x264 -o output.mp4 --crf 22 --muxer mp4 --demuxer raw --input-csp rgb --input-depth 8 --input-res %wx%h --fps 60 -"
cap_muxcommand            "mkvmerge -o %f output.mp4 output.ogg"
cap_tempfile1             "output.ogg"
cap_tempfile2             "output.mp4"
cap_remove_tempfiles          1
cap_fps                      60


I am using glboom-plus ( ) btw and not prboom-plus for the encode. And , yes I also tried it with prboom-plus and the same issue still occurred.


I also tried changing the output.mp4 into output.264 as well as the muxer mp4 to auto , but instead it made things much worse . The video appeared much more slowly and still also with no sound.



Please Fu***** help me here , I have been trying all sorts of methods to solve this issue including :

-Using an older version of prboom/glboom

-Using the newest version of all 3 programs and older version of them

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Oggenec2 encodes the audio as a .ogg file . Which my default video player can't play . You need to install a media player that can play a .ogg audio file like vlc media player. Windows Media Player is my default media player , however it does not support .ogg audio file , this explains why no audio could be heard when I played back the demo . When I installed vlc media player I could hear back the audio and music since vlc support . ogg audio files. 

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