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What's the ideal way to play Phobia: TA nowadays?

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It seems to run alright in the current version of Legacy, plus GZDoom and ZDoom LE, but each one seems to be missing something.


Legacy, for example, seems to only play the original Doom 2 tracks even though the intended soundtrack by Marc Pullen is there in the wad and I'm guessing the "-digmusic" and "-nocd" commands in the .bat are there to ensure it plays, but it doesn't.


Both GZDoom and ZDLE play the right music, but neither of them seem to be capable of Legacy's "coronas", which are arguably a crucial part of the wad's atmosphere, and the lighting in general doesn't seem quite right; GZDoom's "Legacy" and "Standard" settings look to bright for me, while "Software", which is what I use for most wads and, as expected, matches the lighting in ZDoom LE.


Plus this is probably just me being nitpicky now but I often worry about things along the lines of "ZDoom and Legacy probably have different physics for such things as jumping and water, right?" and then I'm wondering if these small differences (assuming they are small or even there at all I have no idea) might lead to me having unfair advantages and/or disadvantages.


But then again when I play it in Legacy I don't think it's possible to get out of the pool at the very beginning unless there's some trick I'm missing. Should I be using a much older version of that port? Or are there other options I should consider?

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