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Tiny Tech (A Work in Progress)

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Here is an early taste of my project Tiny Tech. I am only on phase 1 which includes designing all the texture resources. Once phase 1 is done phase 2 will include building a few maps and working out the weapon details. Once I have finished up phase 1 I will be needing help with phase 2. Below is a list of items that I excel at and want to focus on and a list of things that I don’t and need help with.


Story: The main concept is highly classified but all I can tell you is that your character is stuck in an alien construct deep in space. Upon arriving you find that it has been invaded by robots and the original inhabitants are nowhere to be seen.


Gameplay: Mixing puzzle and platforming ideals with run ‘n’ gun, shoot ‘em up action this game will offer a variety of unique gameplay moments. It will mix concepts from games like Marble Blast with the vertical shoot ‘em up games and give it to you in the first person perspective.


Weapons: At this point I have plans on giving the player 4 different weapons to choose from 2 of which can be upgraded via power-ups. Weapon slot 1 is still up in the air, weapon slot 2 is a single bullet hose, weapon slot 3 are dual wielded bullet hoses and weapon slot 4 is your bomb.


Screenshots: Here in my screenshot directory, notice the rooms with the chaos stars in the middle of the room. All those textures will have to be redone because my Photoshop was set to the wrong color settings. The rooms with the letters on the floor are the color corrected versions. With the old color settings the blues, purples, reds and cyans were not turning out vibrant when applying tints to them. The clouds are recolored ones from red eclipse.


Textures: These three shade textures have been given 6 different tints in Photoshop. The colors include gray (the base color), red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. Map themes can be utilized by what color scheme that is chosen.



I Got These Down:


  1. Game Direction
  2. Texture design, switches and animdefs
  3. Decoration design and scripting
  4. Level design and mapinfo
  5. Compiling and Testing


I Need Help With:


  1. Monster design and scripting
  2. Weapon design and scripting
  3. Character skin and design
  4. Heads-Up display and scripting
  5. Overhauling Zdooms menu and turning this into a stand alone game.

Final Words: At this point the concept is still very new, most of the textures have not been finished or finalized yet and the story is not complete. Some things are subject to change at any time.


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