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One Hit Wonders but Not One Hit Wonders

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As I am learning about music artists from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and what songs that they do I have discovered more and more bands are listed as one hit wonders but have had other songs listed on the charts. Here is a list of bands that are classified as one hit wonders but I don’t think that they should be.


If you list your favorite one hit wonder bands, that are not one hit wonders, please list the band, the one hit and the other song that they are known for.


  1. Billy Thorpe: Children of the Sun – East of Eden’s Gate
  2. April Wine: I like to Rock – Sign of a Gypsy Queen
  3. A Flock of Seagulls: I Ran – Modern Love is Automatic
  4. Simple Minds: Don’t You Forget About Me – Alive and Kicking
  5. Meredith Brooks: Bitch – What Would Happen
  6. The New Radicals: You Get What You Give – Someday We’ll Know
  7. Natalie Imbruglia: Torn – Wishing I Was There
  8. Better than Ezra: Good - Desperately Wanting
  9. Cake: The Distance - Never There
  10. Le Click: Call Me - Tonight is the Night


The links below mention Rush, Queensryche and Oasis who for the most part have had more than 2 hit songs.


Wikipedia 1980's

Wikipedia 1990's

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