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What would you say is your real life S.P.E.C.I.A.L?

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That is Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.

No number limit, leaving it up to your own interpretation of yourself.


Idea of how what each's ranks entails. 



300px-FONV_Strength.png 300px-FONV_Perception.png 300px-FONV_Endurance.png 300px-FONV_Charisma.png 300px-FONV_Intelligence.png  300px-FONV_Agility.png  300px-FONV_Luck.png




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S - 7

P - 5

E - 5

C - 2

I - Anything above 5 because I aint a genius but I'm not a complete moron either. Working retail has shown me there are some seriously stupid people on this planet and while I'm not the brightest cookie, I know I'm more intelligent than the average.

A - 5

L - -10

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S -- maybe like 4/10? Not an alpha male, but I can still open a bottle of milk.

P -- 2/10, ugh. Horrible reflexes aren't helping either.

E -- 5/10, I can not be a whiny little sissy somerimes, occasionally, once in a while, periodically.

C -- minus infinity when I'm not quite fully awake yet, some 5 or 6/10 when I am (takes a while). 

I -- 7/10 maybe? Ugh. 

A -- you mean like physical? 3/10. Ugh.

L -- 6/10... for now.

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S: 4/10 (I am not that strong)

P: 8/10 (I am really good at noticing things)

E: 5/10 (my endurance was way worse than it is now)

C: 3/10 (I am weird, so conversations can be a bit awkward at times)

I: 8/10 (good brainpower with a few moments of stupidity here and there, often balances my below average physical skills)

A : 5/10 (I am fast moving in short to medium distances, with very slow reflexes and I mean REALLY SLOW)

L: -/10 (I don't believe in luck, but if I did, I would be very unlucky)


I didn't use 9s or 10s, because most of the time I am a jack of all trades and I don't excel at stuff all that often.

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S-4 I'm not physically strong.
P-8 I'm always mindful of my surroundings.
E-4 Same as Strength, I'm easily tired.
C-8/2 Depends on who I'm talking to.
I-6 I'm no genius but I'm at least informed.
A-5 I have sharp reflexes and I always know where to step to stay in my feet.
L-9 If I wasn't lucky I would've died already.

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I actually had to look up what SPECIAL was...


S - 6

P - 3 Oh god I can be oblivious sometimes.

E - 3


I - 7/8 I guess?  Multiple therapists have commented that they thought I had masters or PhD.

A - 7


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2 minutes ago, YukiRaven said:


What about -1 or -2?

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S. 7-8 (I worked at a feed store, I'm not crazy strong or anything, but I can lift a good amount)

P. 4 (meh, I'm pretty unobservant)

E. 3

C. 7

I. moving on...

A. 5 (I have okay reflexes)

L. 1 (Nope...)

Edited by CzechMate29200

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S-4(Should work out more)

P-7(I'm very much aware of my surroundings)

E-2(I can run for about 5 mins, then feel like fainting lol)

C-8(Pretty much everyone I meet likes being around me)

I-7(Slow learner but I usually get the hang of things)

A-5(Pretty average here)

L-5(Depends on the day) 

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Strength - 2 (Ha, no)

Perception - 3 (I can be so absent-minded)

Endurance - 3 (Never been very athletic)

Charisma - 7 (I get along reasonably well with most everyone)

Intelligence - 6 (About average, probably)

Agility - 5 (Not too much anymore)

Luck - 8 (A stroke of luck isn't uncommon, I've been very fortunate)

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S - 4 -- I'm below average, but not too much.


P - 7 -- Being aware of my surroindings is a must for me, although my brain says otherwise and it disconnects from reality from time to time.


E - 5 -- I'm kind of a mixed bag here. I can walk 10 km without resting like it was nothing, but I can't run at full speed for more than 30 seconds.


C - 1 -- I'm terrible in social situations, and I'm probably considered weird by most people (even I think I'm weird).


I - 7 -- Some people keep telling me I'm smart, and I've always had good marks in school despite never bothering to study, but I don't consider myself a genius by any means.


A - 7 -- I'm pretty agile overall, and I would be even better if I didn't spend all day in front of my PC :P


L - 6 -- I don't have strokes of luck very often, but hey! I'm in one piece, I'm not starving and all of the people I love is ok, and that's all the luck I need.

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15 minutes ago, elsaltaccount#9999 said:

Because nobody has done it yet.

S - 1

P - 1

E - 1

C - 1

I - 1

A - 1

L - 1

So basically a zombie.

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S-6 I don't have muscles but I'm accostumed to lift or carry heavy things

P-9 I must be alert at all times...considering the place where I live

E-4 Yeah...not much to say here. But I can last all day if I'm at work.

C-8 I have no problem at all getting along

I-7 Gathering knowledge and applying it is important to me

A-2 badbadbadbad....

L-5 In some things, I'm very lucky. In others, my luck sucks so bad. Balanced...

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S-6 (I may be a literal lightweight at ~49kg, but I am very well trained and quite strong for my small size and weight)

P-7 (Obvious choice here)

E-10 (Well trained, remember? Also I have 9 lives)

C-X (You either love or hate kittens)

I-6 (All the comprehensive IQ tests I passed pointed towards "gifted" at the very least)

A-11 (Can walk wearing ballet heels)

L-11 (I always land on my feet)

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Strength - 8. Literally spend all day at work lifting heavy shit, generally stronk, has deadliest bear hug

Perception - 6. Pretty cluey and able to read situations well but not insanely so

Endurance - 4. I can endure a lot of pain, but if we're talking like running or some shit, it's kinda low since I'm a fatass

Charisma - 5. I'm good in social situations, good at speaking and such but I'm not the life of the party or anything

Intelligence - 6. I read a lot. Not an idiot but far from a genius

Agility - 4. I may be strong, but quick reaction time and generally being speedy = rofl no

Luck - 6. When it comes to small stuff that doesn't have a very big impact on my life, my luck is garbage. I always get the red light, always open the pizza box right after the last slice was taken, etc etc. I say 6 because when it comes to important stuff - family, friends, life situation in general - I've been a very very lucky person

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7 minutes ago, YukiRaven said:

For some reason, the way you formatted this this reminded me of geek code.

break out the Universal Leet Convertor

....actually don't. in advanced l33t, it's, "s6pae6cgieatlg" [gibberish]

@YukiRavenActually, that wiki is very funny. I cracked reading the Star Trek part.

"Most geeks have an undeniable love for the Star Trek television show. Because geek is often synonymous with trekkie, it is important that all geeks list their Trek rating."

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Missed opportunity of a lifetime.

I decoded the example geek code on the wiki page that @YukiRavenlinked above:
GED/J d-- s:++>: a--
C++(++++) ULU++ P+ L++
E---- W+(-) N+++ o+ K+++ w--- O-
M+ V--
PS++>$ PE++>$
Y++ PGP++ t-
5+++ X++ R+++>$
TV+ b+ DI+++ D+++ G+++++ e++  h r--

with Joe Reiss' Geek Decoder and noticed the D+++ stands for Doom, and that in the example, a D+++ translates to, "I crank out PWAD files daily, complete with new monsters, weaponry, sounds, and maps. I'm a DOOM God. I can solve the original maps in nightmare mode with my eyes closed."

Edited by everennui

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5 minutes ago, 38_ViTa_38 said:



E-10 (Can spend a lot of time on a single TAS)

C-5 (Underrates himself quite a bit)

I-10 (One of the most intelligent people around here)




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S: 5 - Am average

P: 7 - Eh

E: 4 - Kinda. Shit hurts.

C: 8 - I have friends therefore I must have great charisma

I: 6 - Don't ask, dunno.

A: 4 - Little less underneath average

L: 5 - All nominal here.

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Strength: 8 - Often had to drag around a goat by it's horn, which often weights around 40 kilos of hardcore and natural stubborness (plus other farmwork).

Perception: 8(-3/-2) - My vision kinda sucks, have to wear glasses, but I can see and sense stuff ahead.

Endurance: 8(+2) - Try me bitches! I fucking double dog dare you!

Charisma: 5 (-3/+3) - Dunno, stuff like this fluctuates wildly and depends on various variables.

Intelligence: 6 - Not very smart, but not dumb either.

Agility: 4 - Not that great as a runner or acrobatic. At least I can dance.

Luck: 1 - help, I am fighting with terrible coincidences and Murphy's law every hour of my life!

Edited by Battle_Kirby

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