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What would you say is your real life S.P.E.C.I.A.L?

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Many of these answers are humorous, funny how almost everyone has above average stats, I read an article about that somewhere... 



Strength - 7 I work a very physical job.


Perception - 7~ hard one to point out, I spot things out of place with ease, movement and the like, but comically my son is way better at it.


Endurance - Pain 9, I can disassociate pain, used to play chicken with lit cigars. running 2 XD, asthma.


Charisma - 6-7~ Everywhere I go IRL people are fascinated with me, and I make friends easily.


Intelligence - 6, I might be smarter or dumber, this is a hard number to nail down. I'm not very educated in mathmatics, so I'll peg it a bit lower.


Agility - 8, I'v lighting fast hands and have had many remarks on it. My reaction time seems to stagger most people.


Luck - 5~?

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For everyone one of them: dafuq if I know.

It's really hard to rate oneself. How do you even rate luck though? Those things happen by... Luck.

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11 hours ago, Voros said:

How do you even rate luck though? Those things happen by... Luck.

Do you feel the powers of RNGesus favor you more often than not, brother? 


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Luck is free-roaming, backstabbing, smooth talking sonuvabitch. You never know what it'll do, but you always fear it.

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S - 4. I don't have too many issues with strength and haven't had any issues carrying stuff, but I'm definitely no powerhouse.

P- 8. I tend to sense things quite well and frequently hear 

E - 6. I can run a mile or two without too much difficulty.

C - 2. Not social unless at work. I do have a fiance. Having real life friends is not a priority of mine.

I - 8. I work a programming job, so this needs to be kind of high. But saying I'm a genius is going too far.

A - 4. Slightly clumsy, but not so much it affects my day to day life.

L - 10. Just for  having the most beautiful and loving fiance to support me emotionally. It took a ton of luck to find and meet her especially considering my social life is pretty much non-existent (by choice).

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I'm not a very physical person and life hates me but I think I've got a good enough brain with good enough observational skill and a fairly charismatic way of handling things, need to work on physical abilities though if I want to put those to use in the garage.


I'm a damn pacifist build.

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S - 3 well, i can do a bunch of pushups

P - 7 the vision is just slightly off perfection, alas

E - 4 very bad at physical activity, good at overcoming sickness or sleep deprivation

C - 1 1/2 i can't even get along with my family, what are you talking about? 1/2 for the ability to charm cats

I - 5 1/2 it might be good at some point, but in actual life I malfunction pretty often

A - 2

L - 4 I don't even get outside so i can't conclude it properly, but there are some things in my life I'm thankful for

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S - 6 have a small frame, but I'm stronger than I look or so I've been told

P - 5 maybe if I didn't need eyeglasses it could be 7

E - 7 can run some 2km in 8 - 9 minutes

C - 3 well, I do seem to attract some people, but not the ones I'm interested, bad social skills

I - 7 kinda know-it-all, but don't know anything really good

A - 7 can make the splits, move quiet like a cat, dodge incoming stuff and hit the darts board with darts

L - 5 last night I captured a fly alive into a cardboard box twice and released it out of the window, and throwed another smaller fly to a spiderweb and watched the little spider spin some web around the fly

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S - 7. Working in a wharehouse where most of my day is spend on lifting boxes, so reasonably strong I'd say.

P- 8. I notice things quite fast, people's behaviour or actions. Always checking people out even on the streets. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. 

E - 6. Think I can run for a couple of kilometres without stopping.

C - 2. Not very social, I tend to avoid mingling with people, and don't make friends easily. Stay by myself for most of the time.

I - 4. Not too smart. Math and I, not best friends.

A - 5. Not much to say here, think I'm avarage with agility.

L - 1. Luck doesn't know me, just when you cleared your plate, it starts piling up again. Nothing ever came easy for me. 

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What about what 0-2 optional traits you have... the ones at the character creation?


I have the Small Frame, then it would probably be ok to add one point to the strength? And Night Person from the first game since I'm usually sleeping during the day and awake during the night.

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S - 6/7 : not exactly hyper athlete but enough to get the job done and go a bit further.

P - 7 : very aware and with good reflexes.

E - 9 : I EAT BULLETS FOR BREAKFAST! But in all seriousness I can push through pain and discomfort better than a lot of people. I'm the guy that says "that doesn't hurt, try me!"

C - 8 : Does smooth criminal mean anything to you? I can get along with most everyone and have the gift of being able to make people laugh.

I - 8.5/3 : I can say with confidence I'm definitely a good country mile above average here, just don't make me do too much math. However sometimes I'll do or say something really dumb.

A  - 5/6 : I'm pretty agile, definitely not the most but pretty good. Gets a bonus point in close range.

L - 3 : I've never won any kind of raffle or namepick, rarely end up on good teams and usually end up in really bad work groups.

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S: 7/10 (Used to work a physical job -- now I'm deteriorating in an office, but some of it is still with me. I do exercise a bit.)

P: 5/10 (I'm remarkably observant when I feel the need to be observant. Rest of the time I'm clueless.)

E: 9/10 (I can work all day, walk all day, and run ~2 miles (3.2 km) without needing to rest)

C: 3/10 (Probably underselling myself here... I'm not a highly social person, I don't put forth any effort to make friends, but everybody likes to hang around me.)

I: 9/10 (I read math books and watch math lectures for fun. I enjoy discussing physics, logic, philosophy, technology, etc., and have no interest in talking about sports, culture, politics, weather, etc.)

A: 1/10 (Yeah, no. I'm the most athletic person in my family, but that's really not saying much.)

L: 4/10 (Win some, lose some. I think I lose a little more than I win.)


Probably some kind of fighter build. More of a tank/berserker than a parkour ninja.

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S: 4 (I do very little physical activity other than working out a few times a week; still not enough)

P: 8 (I stay woke fam)

E: 2 (I'm ALWAYS tired, possibly an iron deficiency but I don't know yet)

C: 2 (I put the Ugly in UglyStru, and I'm also one of the most socially inept people you'll ever meet)

I: 7 (I just know a lot of random shit, enough to the point where I often come off as pretentious whenever I open my mouth)

A: 4 (Running isn't exactly my strong suit, but I'm pretty swift when I need to be)

L: 0 (Non existent in my life)


Literally Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones. 

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25 minutes ago, 42PercentHealth said:

I always wondered why you named yourself that... you look all right to me! :-P

So backstory, I've been UglyStru since the MW2 days of Xbox Live. I used to be "TasteMyGrundle" until someone reported my name and Microsoft made me change it. That day, my friends and I were having a roast session and kept calling me ugly and since then it kinda stuck. 


I also may not be the worst looking guy in the world, but back then I was pretty hard to look at. Puberty was rough. :shrugs:

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On 8/19/2017 at 1:55 AM, Poohlyash said:

C- fucking ugly


Being ugly is usually due to shit genetics, so luck may not exactly be your strong suit. 

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23 minutes ago, stru said:

I also may not be the worst looking guy in the world, but back then I was pretty hard to look at. Puberty was rough. :shrugs:

Heh, yep! I remember those days.

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S. 7 (I used to workout and lift, I need to start again! I used to be 8.)
P. 1 (I have horrendous vision; I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. My friend was actually able to pick my pocket, and hand me my wallet without me noticing.)
E. 5 (I'm about average, but could be better if I worked out.)
C. 8 (I've managed to have some pretty hot girlfriends in the past. I have leadership qualities.)
I. 8 (I'm educated, and I'm an autodidact for many complex subjects.)
A. 2 (I smoke way too often.)
L. 9 (I've managed not to get myself killed, or put in prison.)



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On ‎22‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 1:57 PM, TwinBeast said:

What about what 0-2 optional traits you have... the ones at the character creation?


Definitely Small Frame and Jinxed.

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S - 7-8 , 50 lbs of glass in a tub? No problem. Why am I lifting 50lbs of glass? Because retail.
P - 8 : If I dont keep aware, then beware I will probably die, retail and growing up with an asshat brother (tolerable now)
E - 6 : While my stamina aint great, I take a few good punches and I haven't gotten sick this year.
C - 4 : I stay kind despite.. that I don't say the right shit alot of the times.
I - 7 : I research stuff, even if I dont want to or just mindlessly do so, and I love computers, and a walking dictionary (well I haven't been called that in a while)
A - 4 : Dodging stuff, fine, running on the other hand, thats why it's a 4.
L - 3 : Normal and inadvertently dull, no super goods no super bads, just dull dull normie bull.

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Okay, the rare spooky skeleton will try to be as realistic as he can


S - 2 I'm a fucking skeleton what you expect?
P - 5 I used to bbwarz with people underground. I will adapt my surrounding
E - 6 I can jog 2 miles with my steel toe boots
C - 5  depend on tasks
I - 5 i'm a fucking idiot but I can learn
A - 6 I'M A [this word has been removed by mods] AND I RUN FAST
L - 2. okay somehow..



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I've noticed that nearly everyone says their intelligence is above average, which seems statistically improbable.

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3 minutes ago, Memfis said:

I've noticed that nearly everyone says their intelligence is above average, which seems statistically improbable.

I think your intelligence is above average.


... Or maybe Doom makes people smarter?

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