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Slenderman Enemy NPC script for doom

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I made this Slenderman sprite for Doom...

59974e8418693_slendermandoomsprite.png.6c7175fd4d63f9ca94879fcd475efe1c.png That's what it looks like...

So i wanted to do something more with it.

I felt like making an actual slender Doom WAD, but how on earth am I going to make an actual functioning Slenderman?

well I don't think I can make it work, because I suck at coding...

if anyone can make a code for a custom enemy to act like slenderman.

i'm using SLumpEd.

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16 hours ago, MrCacod3mon said:

I felt like making an actual slender Doom WAD,

In that case you better actually learn how to make custom monsters / game objects yourself.


If you wanted vanilla compatibility, you'd have to make them in DEHACKED (preferably using WhackEd editor). If you're OK with your wad only being compatible with modern ZDoom based ports, look into DECORATE and ZScript.





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