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Doom 2 expansion saves crash on load

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I was playing through the Master Levels via the in game browser and when I tried to quick load the game crashed with P_ArchivePlayers: inventory size mismatch, tested that the same thing happens when loading No Rest for the Living via episode select. Saves work fine when loading the wads via -file. I tested this on 3.42.02, 3.42.03a, x64-3.42.03a, and x64-3.43.03a-10. Master Levels loading worked on version r3.40.46-167-gdb21379 which I had lying about on a another drive.

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Saves aren't guaranteed to keep working across versions. It sounds to me like you made these saves with 3.40.46 and are trying to load them with 3.42.02+ - I am pretty sure some things have changed internally between the two that will invalidate any save games.

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Sorry I was neither clear nor very descriptive.


To recreate:

Start the Eternity Engine with Doom 2 (either 1.9 or bfg)

Select new game

Select either No Rest for the Living or Master Levels

Alternatively open the menu and start the Master Levels browser

If Master Levels select a wad

Save the game via the menu or by quick save

Load the game via the menu or by quick load

Engine crashes to terminal with P_ArchivePlayers: inventory size mismatch as the penultimate line (before press any key)


Hopefully this helps.

I'd be very appreciative if someone can test this to see whether it's an engine or user error.

Thank you for your time.

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Downloaded straight from Devbuilds and saving then loading during an expansion didn't crash the game. Thanks for the speedy fix.

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