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Good heretic wads?

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I am looking for some inspiration for my next map so i would love to play some great heretic wads!

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6 minutes ago, Not Jabba said:


Funny that this is the first you recommend considering that i am working on my ice themed wad

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35 minutes ago, Philnemba said:

Curse of D'Sparil was just amazing. I really loved E3M2 and E3M4 the most.

16 minutes ago, Not Jabba said:

Icebound was a very beautiful map. It had some really cool secret areas.

14 minutes ago, Ichor said:

Crypts (map e1m7)

The Crypts was also a very beautiful map. I think this map should be included on a list of best Heretic maps of all time. It was just so amazing.

13 minutes ago, leodoom85 said:

Heretic Treasure Chest

The most beautiful maps from the Heretic Treasure Chest were E2M8 and E3M8. They are just fantastic. It had others but those are the ones that I can remember best.


You can also check out these if you prefer. If you like custom sprites and textures you could also try out Hoards of Chaos X. I also keep Smudge and The Sewers of D'Sparil on my hard drive.

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